Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twenty One




Yup. It's my Birthday today folks. :] I'm turning 21. Kinda scary! Now I have to go off and get my own healthcare cover and all sorts of adult type responsibilities. :[

I have photos of things I was wearing yesterday since I went shopping with a friend to AA again and helped him buy a pair of Nudies and had my party with my friends, where I decided to try curling my hair as I hadn't done it since I got my hair layered.

Oh I also intend to take photos of some of the goodies my mum got for me! I had to pick her up yesterday morning from the airport as she just returned from Italy and France....and hit up a couple of shopping outlets.

YES. My mummy bought me a Prada watch! I love it. :] I love how edgy the leather cuff is. Just terrified that I'm going to scratch this thing. :[

She also brought back two cute lil Fendi bags, a blue longchamp (I've used my red one to near death) and a gorgeous patent leather YSL satchel! Not quite the Prada one I blogged for a while ago, but definetly something to be very happy about.

She also got some gorgeous Prada boots for herself and some Prada shoes for my brother....for ONLY 50 EURO. WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN?!

So I curled my hair in the morning, just to see what it would look like....fresh out of the curlers, it was very Marilyn Monroe. Haha!

Feeling very Pin-up-ish, I decided that black and white stripes was very Parisian and that was what I felt like wearing.

Top - Miss Selfridge
Leggings - Sass
Shoes - MNG

While in AA I totally decided that I'm going to buy this dress when the weather gets warmer...

I already have it in the evergreen but...that colour is just amazing. MUST HAVE.

Ah, I was so stressed yesterday, had to rush around to get ready as didn't go shopping til quite late in the day as my friend slept in. Silly boys.

But second time curling hair, I think my mum and I managed to do it much more neatly and it came out very cute!

Cardi - Sass and Bide
Dress - Topshop

This is my hair with the curlers freshly out. I also know I wore this outfit only last weekend to another 21st birthday, but different group of friends, soo they hadn't seen it yet. And I got compliments for my dress all night, so I think it was worth it. :]

To sum up what the night was like, bit of a late start with only me being on time (as always), but involve a bit of alcohol and good company and one can always be expected to enjoy their birthday! :]

As I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, got home at 4am and woke up at 7:30am since I have a weird body clock that doesn't like me sleeping past 8am, I'm just going to finish up this post with a few pics from my birthday. Since I'm probably completely incoherent anyway!

Stay beautiful!

Two presents, Mug, which I love and necklace from the guy I'm kinda dating. Absolutely love it.


  1. Happy belated birthday!
    That mug is fantastic :) and the colour of the AA dress is gorgeous. Im such a sucker for fuschia!

  2. wow, i really liking those glasses...may i ask what brand they are?

    oh, look exactly like a childhood friend of mine...she is a First Nations Canadian(thats a Native 'Indian' if you're unsure)


  3. Hi Zoe!

    My glasses are Prada :] Love them to death!

    Haha, that's so cool, considering I'm totally Chinese! :]