Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sibling London

Found these guys through

And omgosh I love them!

I love stumbling across creative, yet wearable men's clothing and especially this current collection. The vibrancy of the colour palette, the tasteful yet still cartoon-y graphics and patterns. It's punky yet refined.

What's not to love?!



It might be because I"m going to Sydney next weekend for a Michael Jackson 'Thriller' event, but I absolutely love the 'SOCIAL ZOMBIE'.


I love that sequin knit. Ah-maaziing.


The green pixellated graphic just calls out to me.


I wish they were sold here....


Your love is like sunshiiiinneee~

Sunnies - Prada

My friend took a bunch of photos of me yesterday cause he liked my shirt against the backdrop of Federation Square.

Which then reminded me, I haven't shown you guys my new sunnies, which I only picked up about two days ago!

Yes sunglasses are a big deal for me because I am extremely blind and don't use contacts. I can't stand trying to poke myself in the eye. So instead, I invest in getting prescription sunglasses. My last pair were from Burberry and have lasted me a good 2-3 years, and whilst I still love them, they have stretched out a bit and fall off my face whenever I look down into my bag to find something.

And hey, the new sunnies must really be doing something, I got a random guy who asked for my number at the GAS STATION. Since when are guys eyes peeled for that at the gas station? And then I had a really nice...well. I suppose I can call date, in the evening.

Teehee. :]

Monday, March 29, 2010

One Night, One day, One pair of shoes

Dress - V&M, Shoes - MIss Sixty

Top, shorts, shoes - Miss Sixty, Jacket - Anne Klein, Bag - Witchery

How was your weekend folks? Here's a recap on mine!

Friday night, went to a friend's friend's 21st Birthday. So happy I finally got a chance to wear this dress out, bought it a month or two ago but I just haven't been out so, hadn't really deemed it appropriate to wear. Although, I discovered a cute casual way to wear it which I will demonstrate on a warmer day maybe...

Lots of fun and way too many gin and tonics.

Saturday, I got 5 hours of sleep and then drove down to the market to buy food for Sunday, where I invited my friends over and cooked up lots of lamb for them. I adore shopping at the market. As I have said previously. My butcher this time, gave me the better lamb cutlets with a bit of extra fat on them to give them more flavour and on top of that, tossed in a couple of extra free on top of what I asked for! Now isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Yes, since I got these heels re-heeled, I have been absolutely wearing them to death. I always think a pop of colour can work with any outfit, especially if that pop of colour is on the shoes. And these are probably my most comfortable pair of heels, I danced the Thriller dance in them at my friend's birthday!

Also, this jacket was pinched from my mum's closet, since I have more shoulder than her, it fits me quite nicely. I am quite in love with it. I am very excited for fall to really set in so that I can wear it all the time!

Oh and I totally didn't plan to wear Miss Sixty head to toe on Saturday, but it just works together all so well!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Tshirt - Designbyhumans, Shorts - Miss Sixty, Shoes - Miss Sixty

One of my favourite tshirts. Evar.

C'mon seriously, it's a pink roaring T-rex. What more do you want?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To market to market

Dress - Shakahuchi, Shoes - Schu

I love putting on a pretty dress and going to buy food at the market. Especially when I have to buy meat and/or fish, as the fish mongers and butchers can be so sweet if you happen to catch their eye. Which isn't too hard if you are in a pretty dress, see where I'm coming from?

Especially the older guys, they're just so sweet and charming and are completely non-threatening. It's just so pleasant, why can't guys in my generation be more charming like that?

I've been waiting for some cooler weather to wear this dress, I absolutely adore it to bits, although I didn't notice it initially and only got it because my mum suggested. She really does have a good eye sometimes, I am now in love with this dress because it is just so comfortable and makes me feel so girly and a not overly girly way.

And it has pockets. What dress with pockets is not immediately epic win? AND it was on sale. Got it for like 35 bucks instead of 200! That's a STEAL in my books ladies.

Darling. Just Fabulous.

Shirt - Fa├žonnable, Shorts - Hael, Shoes - Schu

Wore this yesterday and had a fabulously decadent lunch for one. Baked chicken and strawberry, vanilla cheesecake. Mmmmm. And a great book of course.

I'm so glad in a way that my mum used to buy all her clothes kinda oversized. For whatever reason, she's always been tiny. Weird 80's trend. But since they're generally a bit bigger, they all fit me pretty well since I'm a little more on the manly side. I have guns honey.

For some reason, the shirt and the shorts combination makes me feel like a gay man. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, I absolutely love it, so of course I had to pair it with these cute little shoes...which a guy has totally asked where I bought them from before.

So yah. Totally just wanted to strut around the city all day. Cause y'know darling. I just felt so fabulous.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Miss

Top - Miss Sixty, Jeans - Sass and Bide, Belt - Miss Sixty, Shoes - Charles & Keith, Scarf - Picked up in Tokyo

We've had a bit of a cooler spell today and it's just been a treat, it's been so long since I've donned a pair of jeans! Although all the ice-cream in summer has been making it a bit tricky...

The top and the belt are two of the goodies I picked up on Friday from the Miss Sixty closing down sale in the city! I LOVE the shirt, I love a well fitted collared shirt and I adore the colour of it as well.

The belt is also a surprise love, I normally like the elastic ones, but this one has proven to be very comfortable, goes with a lot of my clothes and is well, quite a statement in itself.

Went to have yum cha today with my family, aunt and uncle and my lil 2 year old second cousin (is that what you call it? My uncle is my mum's their son is not directly my that's a second cousin...isn't it?). He's so adorable, if I ever have a kid, I want them to be a bit like him, he'll charge down a sidewalk to give me a hug when he has the energy. Awwww.

Slash and hack em!

Ah Stella Luna. Why can you not have shoes in Australia. Why must I travel to Asia to even be able to try you beauties on.

You wound me you do.


I am just so in love with these. The pink! The zippers, the edge! Lovelovelovelove.




When you buy these shoes, they also come in the cutest of boxes, I think they tend to look like encyclopedias which have "How to Marry a Millionaire" on the front.

See, I obviously need to buy a pair of these shoes so I can show you all. (I nearly typed 'shoe you all'! Shows what I have on my mind right now...)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two days.

Dress - Pepe Jeans, Shoes - Charles & Keith, Necklace - Mphosis (I think...)

Top - MNG, Shorts - Aeropostale, Shoes - Anne Klein

So the past two days have been absolutely horrible and muggy. I hate, almost going to rain weather. It should just rain and clear up and be lovely and cool, I'm so excited for winter to come around already!

Have had a really nice past couple of days, went to my high school 5 year reunion last night (forgot to take outfit pictures!), haven't been in a room filled with girls for a long time!

Today went to see the documentary "The Day Before: Jean Paul Gaultier" today which documents the 28 hours before Jean Paul's 2009 couture show. Fantastic documentary, probably one of my favourite designer documentaries so far, Jean Paul is just such a character and his couture pieces are just whimsical but edgy at the same time.

It's always fun when the crowd is a bit interactive too! We were all laughing and clapping away like a live theatre show or something!

Oh and also went to the Miss Sixty store in Melbourne Central today, because my mum was there randomly trying on clothes and whilst she didn't buy anything at the 70% off sale...I ended up buying three things. Oh dear. So much for saving money. NO MORE SHOPPING. (yeah right.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flash Shock

I am UTTERLY heart broken.


This BEAUTIFUL ring is only in ring size 6.5.

Fortunately though, OLDgOLD Boutique has some other beautiful treats online for those of us who don't happen to be in Canada.

A few other things I have my eye on...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soft Layers

Dress - From Tokyo, Belt - from the Philippines, Vest - Topshop, Necklace - from Vietnam, Shoes - Charles & Keith, Bag - Longchamp

So one of those days where I just ran through my closet throwing everything onto the floor because I had NO clue what to wear. Although I knew I wanted a dress, but I also knew it was going to be a good 30 degrees or so. So wanted to be comfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised with how cute this dress was with a belt and how cute the whole ensemble looked with sandals! (I was thinking of wearing it with heels originally...)

But yes, went to lunch with my best friend at Gingerboy (which you can read about here!) and then met someone for coffee down on Glenferrie road. All in all a good day.

Oh! And I finished "Game of Thrones", great book! Now working on "The Dragon Keeper" by Robin Hobb, one of my favourite writers!