Saturday, November 28, 2009

A shiny summer....

Top - Uniqlo, shorts - Aeropostale, Hat - some random store in One Utama, Shoes - Charles & Keith

So I touched down in Malaysia last night, spending the next 10 days or so in Kuala Lumpur.

Which I'm a little worried about, as other than eating with my relatives (which only occupies lunch and dinner times), really, the only thing for me to do go shopping.

Is this such a bad thing? Oh no not really, but I'm sure my credit card will hate me later and I'm SUPPOSED to be saving money for my US trip next year...dilemmas, dilemmas.

But I"m moving from my Aunt's place to a hotel with my dad tomorrow, which although is across from a shopping centre, at least has a gym so I can have another way to occupy myself at least.

So I did do a little bit of shopping today, picked up a few little pieces, I can't help myself. I needed a pair of sandals and within 30 minutes of being in the shopping mall found these beauties in Charles & Keith on sale for only 50 ringett! Am tempted to go back and get them in the dark brown colour as well as I really do quite like them and I really really don't have any sandals for summer in Melbourne!

Also picked up the hat. It's not hat weather wherever I am at all. But I put it on and fell in love with it. I always see it being worn like this, in a kinda slouchy way, in magazines and things, and I love the look but not many hats actually sit like it should on my head, cause my head is so freaking big. So when I slipped this on and saw that it did, I decided I must have it.

And because I think I'm falling for the sequin obsession that seems to be popping up EVERYWHERE now.

Hoping to hit KLCC tomorrow and the bigger Topshop store dying to see if they have the Ashish boots in Zebra....crossing fingers!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


With the shopping bug. SIIIIGHH!

Last Sunday I went on a marveeellous shopping spree, came home with the new Aldo shoes seen in prior posts, a skirt, a few dresses and some necklaces and then just today found a great bag for $20 and 2 more dresses!

I do plan to take pics of everything when I get a chance but I'm busy packing to go to Malaysia on Friday!

Which is quite the headache in itself, as I am unfortunately limited to 20kgs. And have lots of clothes here as the prior times I hvae gone back to Australia from the Philippines, I have not needed to bring back my summer clothes....this time however....I need my summer clothes in Australia and I'm spending a longer period of time there than I have this year so far.

So more clothes are needed!



Trying to edit my wardrobe is a miserable process.

So to make myself feel better I've been wandering around on Pixie Market and putting together a little dream wishlist should I stumble on $1000 right about now....

Rectangle Zipper Clutch - Deadly Ponies

Blue Bat Drapy Dress - Neurotica

Leather Blazer

Boot Wedge Zipper - Minimarket

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not seeing the rest of you is getting the best of me

Top - Club Monaco, Skirt - Plains & Prints, Shoes - Aldo, Bag - Longchamp, Necklace - picked up at Crossings in Shang Mall

AGAIN. I promise I'll get better pics of my outfits once I get back to Melbourne. I just hate taking pictures of myself at home cause my place is so small and right now I share it with my dad and Uncle so there's absolutely no privacy.

Did a MASSIVE shopping expedition yesterday, my sole intent was really just to get the Aldo shoes, which I tried on last week, fell in love with but decided to wait for a little while. Oh god. Kinda a bad idea as I was thinking about them ALL WEEK.

But made it so much more satisfying to actually buy them. I now never want to take them off my feet. Heck even my dad thought they were really interesting, and he's picky in what he approves/likes. So I spose that's a good sign.

God I am SO infatuated with them. <3

Skirt is also a new purchase from Plains & Prints, a Filipino brand that I've come to quite enjoy, the clothes are well made, designs are interesting, colourful and very very reasonable priced. And when I bought a few clothes from there they came in this little circular box, like a hat box, instead of just a shopping bag. SO CUTE!

I have also randomly discovered a renewed love of Maroon 5. And strawberry frozen yoghurt, which I've discovered is amazing with almond flakes. Mmmm.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A ray of sunshine...

Shirt: modified Ralph Lauren, shorts: Witchery, shoes: picked up in Linea Italia, Belt: Picked up from crossings in Shang Mall

God I'm sorry again for the iPhone pictures and the horrible location. But it's the only access I have to a full length mirror and I'm too lazy to use my self timer. : <

But if you didn't know already, I have a fatal attraction to yellow. Well I love hints of colour in general in an outfit, but yellow is clearly my favourite!

Also, I love this shirt. It's originally a man's shirt but I got it tailored to fit my shoulders and body a little more and it's easily one of my favourite white shirts now. I took two more shirts back to the place I got this shirt tailored like 2 months ago and they wanted to charge me like double the price! I think I need to learn how to sew....

Friday, November 13, 2009



This dress. I still want it so bad. Diane Von Furstenberg Ayana dress in Flying Butterfly print. I know it's past season, but I'm still hunting around for it anyway.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We are Handsome...RAWR!

So, I've been alerted to these very cool swimsuits by 'We Are Handsome' via my weekly threethousand email...

I am seriously THIS close to getting my visa card out...cause I was planning on spending about $150 for a new bikini this summer...but this is so interesting....and I mean, how often do you come across REALLY nice one-pieces?

Hold On.

Singlet - Club Monaco, Skirt - Mphosis, Shoes - Kenneth Cole, Bag - Longchamp, Belt - MNG, Necklaces - Market

I'm crazy about Michael Buble and pearls right now, can't get enough of them. Especially after reading Chanel's biography two months ago, I love the super long strands and always pick up one or two every time I hit the market's in the Philippines now. I bought a gorgeous long strand of black pearls the last time...looking forward to wearing them with a white shirt and a cute pair of shorts!

Oh and apologies for the iPhone quality pics, forgot to bring my camera out!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Break Through


Shirt - H&M, Mini - MNG, Belt - MNG, Shoes - Kenneth Cole, Jewelry - from the market

Pretty much what I wore yesterday, although styled it up with one extra button undone and a couple of extra necklaces and a bracelet for good measure.

I don't usually wear so much white so it was kinda refreshing to put this ensemble together and I haven't worn this shirt in ages.

Totally keen to wear this shirt in summer when I get back to Melbourne with a lil pair of denim shorts and some sandals....which I need to find sometime too...time to hit the mall and find me a pair...

And god, need a haircut. Getting it today! <3

Monday, November 9, 2009

Playing with dolls...

I used to be a huge fan of Barbie when I was younger, I mean really, do you know many girls who weren't? Although I will admit my fondness for pink did not come til my later years.

Mimco has just released a collaboration with Barbie to celebrate her 50 years.

Oh god it's so cute.

Although I don't love the items that have the Barbie logo blatantly on it (most of the bags/clutches) I ADORE the shoes. Check them out!

Absolutely definetly buying these when I get home. If they're still there ;__;

I am CRAZY for this colour. WAY too cute.

I love chunky rings. What can I say?

I normally don't hesitate to buy headbands from Mimco, but $100 might be pushing it...;x

Check out the whole lot here!


Ah. So I've decided as fun as it is, reading Australian magazines on my flight from Melbourne to Manila...bad idea.

Funnily enough when I was in Melbourne the whole of October, I did not really have a craving to shop, partially cause I knew I had to save money for my trip to the US in July next year, but I just didn't have a need to and didn't put aside a lot of time to go shopping.

However. I have craving now. Bad. Maybe it's just as well I'm not in Melbourne. ;x

Cosmopolitan and Madison this month have some GORGEOUS fashion spreads and I like, love everything. So after oohing and aahing over them, to the internet I went to google and look at recent and past collections.

Bec & Bridge
I positively swear, I am going to go home and buy this. I would buy it online but I really want to see what it looks like on before investing $250. ;x It's just so perfect for summer and I'm totally infatuated with loose, easy to wear dresses at the moment.


Maurice and Eve Platinum

*siiigh* December 9th (when I head home) JUST CAN'T COME AROUND FAST ENOUGH!