Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have no money

But I really want this top from Alexander Wang. Seriously.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vices vices

Ah shoes...WHAT DO YOU DO TO ME!

Went to Topshop yesterday with a friend, because I decided she needed cuter going out clothes. So while she was trying on stuff, I discovered that this Topshop had some shoes I had been DYING for online in MY SIZE. The last time I went they totally said they didn't have my size...: <

But alas, they were the last pair and a bit beat up from people trying it on and wouldn't give me a discount, so I could not justify paying full price for them.

SO cute.

But to my great surprise instead later, we were walking past a store and I saw a pair of shoes in the window that just made me go 'OMG NEED TO TRY ON'.

So I went in. And came out with two pairs of shoes for the price of that one pair of Topshop shoes. I feel justified.

I have been wanting shoes like these two for aggeees and at about 2500 peso each (bit over AUS$50?) I could totally justify it. :] The teal ones are soooo soft! I can't wait to go back to Melbourne and wear them with some tights and shorts!

Outfit for the day.

Top - MNG, Jeans - Dr. Denim, Shoes - Picked up in SM, Necklace - stolen from mum's box of 60's stuff

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recovery Days

Hmm, I'm blogging about my day yesterday because I spent most of today rather spaced out and recovering from a bottle of gin. Mmmm.

But yes, had a really lovely lazy Saturday yesterday with my dad, a spot of badminton in the morning before heading down to High St, Fort Bonifacio, to visit Fully Booked, a 4 story bookstore! Heaaven!

Picked up a few goodies there before going off for lunch.

Food, next to fashion, is one of my biggest loves, ever. I love everything about food except having to cook it!

Dad and I went to this cute lil place called "The Stock Market", they kinda specialize in pineapples, but have a bunch of other yummy things too.

Pan fried catfish with sweet potato mash (loooooove sweet potato) capers and vegies.

Pineapple and frozen yoghurt with pistachio toppings for dessert, mmm, so good!

Following a good lunch, comes more shopping and I hit up the sales at Topshop, as I do. I'm so obsessed with the store. There's a dress from the Kate Moss collection I want, but the store that has the Kate Moss collection doesn't have it in my size. So I've been jumping at the chance to go to any Topshop to see if I can find it. Hehe.

Thought this was so interesting, but so unsure if I would wear it much. Haha, if I was in Melbourne more often I'd wear it with leggings and adorable booties or sexy black wedges.

Ended up picking up a dark grey cardi (cause I need a new one), high waisted black shorts and a high waisted grey skirt for work.

Went to our favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner.

I adore sushi. zomg.

After went out for drinks with friends, forgot to get a photo of my outfit, but here's a half shot.

American Apparel two tone dress, MNG red belt, Vinnci star necklace

Thursday, July 16, 2009

White Suede Spring Summer 09/10

Omgosh. A third post already today?!

Well I can't help it. I just got this e-mail in my inbox about 20 minutes ago and FREEAAAKED OUT when I saw it.


It's gorgeous. I want absolutely everything. Funnily enough, there's a fair bit of leopard print in there, which I have never owned and have never desired to own, but I just love these cuts and the look of the material and I find myself.....really wanting it. I love their mix of hard leather and leopard print and their typical softer patterned and colourful dresses. I really need that trip to USA next year.....

This reminds me that I do need to get my mum's White Moschino jacket at home dry cleaned...


I have decided I need this leather skirt when I get back to will be winter after all! That's entirely appropriate isn't it?



Great colour!

I adore this combination...or maybe I should get this leather skirt...I kinda wish I could get away without wearing a bra sometimes, but it certainly is nice to have lovely lady lumps sometimes.

I ADORE this colour, this is something I would wear out for brunches in spring time with my fabulous closet gay friend.

Little Blue Boxes..

How could I forget to post this!

I bought my first bit of Tiffany for myself yesterday!

Apparently ladies, according to the Lunar Calendar (the calendar the chinese go by) this month it is good luck for ladies to buy jewelery! So when mum tells me this, after having bought the beautiful 'Save the Children' 125th Anniversary ring from Bulgari, she tells me 'maybe you should get yourself a little something from Tiffany'.

Well, who's to say no when Mummy dear says something like that?

So I popped into Rustan's in Manila and had a look around. Unfortunately the joints here are quite small so the variety is not as big, but after trying on about 4 or 5 different rings and trying to figure out which they have in my size I managed to pick one!

Oh little blue boxes...

Ta daaah! Isn't it lovely?

I like big rings (because I have big fingers), but I also decided I wanted to just go for something very simple and subtle, I'm spending a decent amount on this, I want to be able to wear it as often as I can!

First day out with it at work!

Flying Eaassyyy...

So finally got around to editing some photos from a casual photoshoot I had with a model about two weeks ago. I do enjoy editing, but when you're a bit snap happy like me and end up with about 400 photos to look though, it does get rather tiring.

This was my second model shoot to date, I'm typically really shy about shooting other people as I don't have much confidence in my skill and always worry I'll be too unprofessional for people, as I've had no formal training and a lot of what I do is play by ear.

But the model and the make-up artist she brought along were both really relaxed and we ended up having quite a bit of fun!

So here are some shots from the day!

Her make-up just fascinated me, I'm still a bit make-up stupid so it was really quite the arsenal of brushes to look at!

Gosh, I want to play with all the colours!

Lee the make-up artist, noticed some soccer teams assembling for a game, so she proposed the idea of acting as manager and going over to them to ask to pose in a shot with us! And look how well it came out!

More at my flickr! (Which definitely doesn't get updated as much as it should! ;x)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beer and Permanent Markers

So I had a bit of an awful night last night, got invited out, could not decide if I wanted to go out because my esteem was really low. Got confronted by my dad on some personal issues, ended up in a sobbing mess.

Friends got me to go out.

Which was nice, it was a pretty good night, the crowd was decent and you can't go too wrong with a beer or two.

Sass singlet, mphosis skirt, Aldo shoes, necklace from the market.

Weird kids were drawing all over this girl with permanent markers! Whaaat?!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aldo babies.


I had to buy a new battery charger for my macbook pro cause I somehow exploded my old one at work...

Naturally being from Apple that set me back a fair bit.

But then I was in the mall in the evening and happened to pop into Aldo.

What's a girl to do when a pair of shoes she's been eying since the beginning of the year are in her size and are on sale (albeit a small sale, BUT A SALE NEVERTHELESS).

Oh how I missed you super high heels!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bring me winter!

Oh my dear lord, I love the Chanel Fall Couture show. GORGEOUS.

I love the jackets, the make up (totally want to play with my eyeliner now), the colours, the tights, the shoes, the embellishments.

I love the lack of skin, covered up but still oh so sexy. Karl Lagerfeld I adore you.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sweetest Goodbye

Uniqlo top, mphosis skirt, MNG belt, Vincci Necklace, no brand Italian made shoes

I've been eating like a bitch all weekend so feeling super fat and disgusting. So I'm so glad I bought this skirt last week, it just hides everything!

Also felt like doing something different with my hair, but didn't have many accessories, so just went the pigtail route. Feeling very cute in the office.

Oh and also felt like wearing red lipstick. Kinda digging it.

Why must goodbyes suck?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doctor doctor give me the news!

Oh dear. I really am terrible aren't I?

So much for promising to update! It's been nearly a month!

I think I just get way to slack when I'm back in Melbourne, I'm there with friends...I lounge around the house...yeah. I just get way to freaking lazy.

I got back to Manila about 3 weeks ago. I actually find, since I go to work here, I really make an effort to dress up more here I think. It's a rare day when I wear jeans and shorts are really saved for days when I'm being lazy at the polo club, otherwise I'm just about always wearing my dresses and high waisted skirts. Oh and elastic garter belts. Which reminds me, I really need to replace my white MNG one which I ADORE to death. Haven't been able to find any other ones that I really like though...they always seem to be the claspy type rather than actual buckle, which is what I personally like.

I'm too worried a clasp might just accidently come undone after one too many ice-creams...

So I was in Malaysia last weekend, just for a weekend with my Dad who was there on some business. I was too I suppose, but I only had two meetings to show up to while Dad had a whole weekend.

So what did I do in my spare time?

Burned a whole in my wallet. ;__;

I spent so much money! But, so many lovely thigns to buy! In my defence, I did only buy (except for one thing) brands that I can't find in Melbourne or Manila (that easily anyway).

Along the way I also tried on lots of fun things, because I'm a tourist and I really don't care what people think! :]

I ADORED this little Marc Jacobs number. Urgh. SO CUTE. If I only had an extra 600 bucks. Which reminds me I absolutely love their bags with hearts all over them. Such a sucker.

Results of my first day of shopping. I was pretty happy. Note, Club Monaco have some of the SOFTEST tanks/tshirts ever. I put one on to try with something else and just fell in love.

Wearing my new Dr. Denim jeans and tshirt from some random brand. I can't remember. With my Decjuba vest.

I LOVE the Dr. Denim jeans. I'm a little more generous in the thighs due to being a lil more muscular (or so I like to tell myself) so often have trouble finding jeans that fit the crotch area well, due to not being able to pull them up all the way properly.

But the Dr. Denim. Urgh. Love. I tried on 6-7 pairs before deciding on these. Not that I need more jeans. But I'm a hoarder by nature!

So I'm going to try not to shop for a while. Maybe I'll just eat more sweets instead.

Look at the size of that macaroon! IN LOVE.