Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Dark Queen

Dress - Alexande McQueen for Target, Leggings - Black Milk Clothing, Shoes - Acne, Belt - Portmans

Whoop, a very late outfit upload...but ah well. Better than never.

Wore this out on Tuesday night to a dinner at Mamasita, this awesome new mexican place in the city, with a couple of friends. Been to the place once before and love it, but my gosh, the place in the past week has just been hit with reviews so it was SO busy that night!

About the outfit though...I love that I have at least one McQueen piece, even if it was what he designed for Target! I found the piece in the Philippines in this place where they have random surplus of American stock...unfortunately this piece was only available in large, but I thought it looks very cute belted up no?

And I absolutely adore my Acne's with the black milk leggings. Aren't they fabulous? I soooo cannot wait for the new 2010 collection from black milk to come out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The second office...

Top - Prada for Luna Rossa, Jeans - Dr Denim, Belt - stole from mum, Shoes - Schu Bar, Bag - YSL, Scarf - Ralph Lauren

I'm feeling kind of nautical and a bit like the bastard style child of something Parisian and Melbournian.

But I quite like it.

This t-shirt my Dad originally bought from the Prada outlet store, its for the sailing team Luna Rossa, Prada does their shirts and things and it was a bit too small for him so I had been using it as a gym shirt...but then when I had a sudden desire for something nautical, I realised how adorable a top it made.

I've recently changed from my Longchamp bag to my YSL that mum got me last year from an outlet in Italy. It makes me feel boy-ish and I quite like that. Maybe I should've gel-ed my hair and gone for an androgynous look today...

Spent just about the whole day, after going to the gym and killing myself on weights cause I haven't really done them for a week or the restaurant I'm working as a marketing assistant at in the city. Both my jobs are pretty online based so I can work from home, but I really like having somewhere to go out to y'know? So I sort of claim one of the tables upstairs of the restaurant and sprawl everything across it.

And of course get my fix of wildberry yoghurt sometime between 3-4pm.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feelin just peachy...

Top - Elle Mcpherson Intimates, Shorts - Aeropostal, Jacket - White Suede, Sandals - Charles & Keith

So this top I found in a Bendon outlet, in the pajamas section. But I saw it and absolutely fell in love with the colour and cut, so I've decided it's going to become an adorable top instead! And my friend who previewed my outfit over skype before I went out, commented on how touchable the material looked. Teehee.

It was just another one of those perfect weather days y'know? Although my day started out a bit rough, it ended up being pretty awesome. Good weather, met up with a friend in my FAVOURITE cafe and then got home...and discovered that my black milk leggings had arrived.

I rushed upstairs to try them on...oh my goodness. I am SO in love. I want it to be winter so I can wear them EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE.

So I celebrated by taking 20 million pictures of them.

Oh and in these next few pics are some of my new purchases from the Maurice and Eve two day warehouse sale, god i'm SO glad they brought that to Melbourne. I was devastated when it was firstly announced in Sydney.

Need to find me a good backless bra for these backless tops though...but aren't they great? I absolutely love the cut.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Omg. Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's editor at large, is on the judging panel in the new season of America's Next Top Model coming in March.



He is so funny in 'The September Issue' I can't wait to see him dish out the judgement for the girls.

Just fabulous.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A couple of pairs of vices....

From the back row to the front, left to right.

Topshop, Aldo, Miu Miu, MNG
Schu Bar, Tango, Schu Bar, Siren
Converse, Miss Sixty, L.A.M.B, Zara
Charles & Keith, Replay, Charles & Keith

Aldo, Charles & Keith, Sambags

Just a couple of my favourites...or whatever I could be bothered grabbing in about 20 minutes.

Will possibly do the whole collection someday. I should probably do an inventory of what I do have!

Eye of the Tiger

Top - Topshop, Skirt - Hollister, Cardigan - Zayt, Hat - Bonita, Sandals - Charles & Keith

Popped out for lunch with my brother today and bought a new book, I just realised the other day that over the past 2-3 months I've read about 6 books! I'm enjoying this reading habit I've re-developed!

So I like, love this top, it just goes with everything except for high-waisted skirts and pants since I don't like hiding the cute tiger's face.

I also love this resin bangle I purchased recently, down from like $200 to $15! Are you kidding me? What a steal! But it's gorgeous and again, just has this tendency to go with everything...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Layers of Texture- Rag and Bone Fall 2010

Who has not fallen in love with this collection yet? I want to wear all these looks this winter.







I love the grayscale color palette with splashes of colour. And those great shapes made by layering. Urgghhh. So chic but relaxed.


So I stumbled on to this website and I quite love it. Aussie designers really just do the cutest dresses sometimes. I love living in Melbourne.


I just love this dress. So cute, so girly, but edgy too.



And ohmy goodness. Those sleeves! I don't fall in love with tops that often, but this is really something...

And also as I was typing this, I got an email from black milk clothing....AND MY LEGGINGS ARE ON THEIR WAY. OMG. SO EXCITED.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Breaker

Top - Mental, Belt - Portmans, Shorts - Very Very, Shoes - Schu Bar

Hmm, I have been getting very very lazy with updating this haven't I? Yet again. Oh well, at least I do every now and again...I love this top though, the back is just amazing, it's actually more like a tunic, but I don't really like how it fits me lower down, so I think it's much cuter worn with something high waisted.

This was my outfit on Friday, where I went to a costume shop with a friend to pick up some make up so I can make people into zombies in a month...need some practice between then and now though!

We also went to check out the new Ice House in Melbourne which just opened. Ice Skating is really good fun.

And since I"m single today, I will not go with the obvious and say Happy Chinese New Year! :]

Oh! And I just ordered these from

Been goin to their website everyday for the past 2 months staring at their leggings. Unfortunately the 2009 collection has gone down, but I still want some slick leggings and I think these will fit the bill very nicely. Very excited. Cannot wait for them to come in!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A rose by any other name...

White Suede's Winter 2010 collection is hitting stores...about now. And although I need to be saving money for my trip to the US in June....oh, gosh. I love it. I want to buy something. So bad. Their dresses are as girly and beautiful as ever, the cuts in this season are a little more girly and the overall silhouette a little bit softer, but still more fitted than previous seasons I find. There are some beaaautiful patterns in this collection as well.

I am particularly enamoured with this beautiful maxi one shoulder dress, this rose print is just to die for. I've been really craving something with floral print, but I'm really struggling to find something I love. This might just tick that box....

Love the tuxedo jacket.

Omgoodness. Can I just say that this dress just makes me die? I love this shade of blue!

I love the leopard print jacket, another print I've been craving for but again, have trouble finding something I really like. But the subtle detail of the print in this jacket is just lovely, I'm curious to see what it looks like in person...

Hardly need a jacket like this in the current's horribly 30 degrees everyday at the moment...but just soooo chic.

Urggh. White Suede stop doing this! :c