Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Hard

Top - Miss Selfridge, Shorts - Hollister, Leggings - Black Milk Clothing, Shoes - Siren, Scarf - from Tokyo

Oh dear, quite a late post again. Ho hum. I had a good streak for a while at least...?

What I wore out to go to an awesome gay club with some of my favourite people on the weekend. Sometimes it just feels good to be a little more overtly sexual, and hey I know I"m going to a gay club so at least I'm not going to be ogled by men!

I officially love the shorts, tights and heels combination. Thinking of doing it again tomorrow night at Brad's gig....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyone else is...

blogging about these, but oh god they are GORGEOUS.

Photo from Refinery29

Raphael Young's wedges for Frank Tell.

"According to Frank, the collection was if Star Trek met the 1980s exploitation film, "Cannibal Holocaust""

Whoever thought that Star Trek could be so fashionable...? There are just no words to describe how gorgeous I think these are. I hope they'll be for sale somewhere in webspace (and within my budget...dream on?). I would die for it in that white or blue/gray colour. Mmmm.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quite Punchy

Dress - Cantão
, Shoes - Aldo, Bag - Chanel, Belt - mum bought, Rings - from Beijing

Ooh, look at me pull the sassy face! But this dress does that to me, I feel mature but still quite sexy and I adore the colour.

Cantão is a Brazillian brand, mum and I picked up this dress sometime last year at an amazing sale on Rathdowne, she has since gotten a few other pieces from them (when on sale) and their pieces are always so beautifully bright and festive.

But this dress is now prominently mine, rather than mum's although she has worn it out a couple of times as well.

I have also started getting a lot more use out of my Chanel bag lately, it's so easy to treat it as a precious thing, but if it stays locked up in it's box, what's the point of having bought it?! I'm always amazed at how much I can squeeze into it...boys will never understand it's worth.

So popped out last night with Brad for dinner and then drinks with his friend. Was surprisingly comfortable in walking around in the heels all night, although the toes were a weeeee bit squished by the time I got home.

The price of fashion hey?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adding some Sass to my wardrobe...

SO! Because I changed my e-mail recently, I totally forgot to sign up for Missy Confidential again and nearly missed that there was a Sass and Bide warehouse sale over this weekend!


But fortunately I made it in today and picked up a few pieces at an absolute bargain!

I remembered eye-ing off this skirt in David Jones when it was new. Got it for $20! Think I'll probably wear it with a white shirt and my knee high boots or something...

I'd been looking for the perfect blue jean, and whilst I originally had a skinny in mind, these flares are just amazing. $30 as well. WHAAT?!

Mum found this cute lil dress/top (she plans to wear it as a top, and I as a mini dress) which we snatched up for $20! I think for winter I'll wear it with my black milk leggings...<3

I also got a pair of cropped leopard print rats leggings, which I have always thought were pretty ugly as leggings go, but mum convinced me to slip them on under my mini and I think if worn with a pair of knee high boots, would be pretty cute this winter. And hey, they were only $10. Why not? I'm not sure where my mum put them, otherwise I'd have grabbed a picture of them too.

Since mum's come home I find myself eating a lot more again, which kinda sucks cause my Dad just brought back some of my clothes that I left in the Philippines, which include a bunch of beautiful high waisted skirts which are fitting just right at the moment....*siiigh* to be a woman.

Ah well. At least I got a great steal today! <3

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little bit wild...

Dress - White Suede, Jacket - White Suede, Shoes - Charles & Keith

I finally have my leopard print dress.

White Suede (if you haven't noticed in some of my posts already...) is one of my favourite Melbourne brands I think. I just wish I had more money to buy more of their beautiful dresses!

I scored this dress on my trip to Sydney though (funnily enough), from a few seasons ago, but even then I couldn't find this one in the stores in my size.

So there it was in Sydney, in my size, on sale.

We all know that it was meant to be in that instance!

So since it was Friday yesterday, I decided it would be dress up Friday as I wanted any reason to wear this dress out and feel fabulous in the city. Which I certainly did! Gym, lunch at my favourite cafe (again) with one of my dearest friends and a fun night trotting around town (in heels this high it's what you do) with Brad. Although we concluded Friday night's weren't our nights for going out (we prefer being able to hear each other talk...) we still discovered a whole heap of new places to check out at a later date. Gosh I love Melbourne.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Verve

Shirt - White Verve, Shorts - Very Very, Tights - Mark and Spencer, Scarf - Banana Republic

Just imagine this outfit with some knee high boots, I was too lazy to put them back on for the photo. :]

This is one of the beautiful tops I bought when I was in Sydney last weekend. White Verve is a Sydney brand, and a very young one at that having only started up a year or so ago (according to the shop assistant), the designer was designing for Ladakah and the like before starting up on her own.

What else is really cool about the brand though, is that with each season they choose a cause or organization that supports underprivileged women to contribute to, with each purchase of one of their pieces. I love that a young Australian brand is doing this, as I suppose it's a little more typical of the big names to do so, but the women that White Verve support are a little more unique.

You can find out more here.

But yes, I love this top, I feel very girly and sweet when I wear it and I love the details on the front and the back, the sequins are so subtle and adorable! There were chains hanging off the ends of the sleeves but I ended cutting them off because they just got in the way...

It was a glorious 19 degrees in Melbourne again and I spent most of my day sitting outside talking. Lovin it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Since when did Maurice & Eve do shoes?



They are gorgeous and almost fortunately, not in my size. Too many things I want (read NEED) to buy.

And also, I've just discovered that their Winter 2010 collection has a whooole lotta leopard print which I'm completely loving. Along with some high waisted skirts. Hmmmmmm.






Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling the mercury drop

Dress - Thakoon for Target, Jacket - MaxMara, Boots - Tony Bianco, Belt - Miss Sixty

After spending a weekend in Sydney where it was quite a delightful 27 degrees, I am actually more than happy to be back home in Melbourne where it is a very jacket-cosy-ingly 19 degrees.

I love my jackets, I love my boots, I love warm cups of hot chai in cute cafes.

Pinched mum's jacket out today, since it was delightfully cold enough to do so, it makes me feel kinda European. Must be the boots as well.

And usually I hate doing buttons on shirts and dresses up all the way, I mean hey, I am a girl, might as well make use of my assets a little, but I was surprised at how cute I found this dress was all done up.

And have I mentioned I love dresses with pockets before?

Or well if I haven't I do and this dress has them. Looooooove.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Slightly Light

Singlet - Sass and Bide, Shorts - Aeropostale, Leggings - Black Milk Clothing, Shoes - Schu Bar

This post is about a week late, sorry for being so slack! Was just in Sydney over the weekend for a fabulous zombie-ing and Thriller dancing time (yes I'm entirely serious!). I may get videos up soon. :]

Wore this out on one of those weird, cool but really warm cause it's sunny days too. But it worked out pretty well for me, picked up some film that I got developed from my great uncle's camera and found old pics of my deceased dog which brought up some nostalgia and went for lunch with the boy at my favourite cafe.

Black Milk Clothing has also just re-released some new spartan leggings...which I'm DYING to buy...but...I just bought some goodies in Sydney....*siiiiiiigh*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And we'll get lost together, Until the light comes pouring through

Jacket - Anne Klein, Vest - Sambags, Shirt - Altered Ralph Lauren, Skirt - Hollister, Shoes - Aldo, Socks - From Tokyo, Bag - Chanel

I'm obsessed with Michael Buble's song 'Lost' at the moment. So pretty. <3

For having almost absolutely no sleep last night, I think I managed to put together a very cute outfit today!

I got this men's Ralph Lauren shirt adjusted to fit me a little bit better. It's one of my favourite pieces I think.

So today I took my Grandma out for a brunch, hence why I decided to take my Chanel bag out for a run since it was Grandma who got it for me for Christmas. :] I really do need to get more wear out of this bag!

Had another little coffee date today, that went well, that always puts one in a good mood no matter how tired they are hey? :]