Friday, May 1, 2009

Boys boys boys...

So I'm in the library of the Manila Polo club (Where I am spending most of my weekend, I can't decide if that annoys me or not...) and decided to pick up GQ, which I have never ever even looked at before. The heading "Smart Clothes for Tough Times: We show you how to get more mileage (and style) out of your wardrobe" caught my eye. Even though Zac Efron is on the cover.

Sorry tweeners, I can't stand the boy.

I very much enjoyed the magazine and think I may start becoming a regular reader, it's so refreshing and meticulously tidy in comparison to women's magazines which often just ooooze luxury (in the case of Vogue or Harpers) and gaudy sophistication or...well they can be a lot more colourful in comparison.

So of course from here, I go onto my little procrastination tool, and go look at the men's runway shows.

Honestly, what woman wouldn't love looking at men's fashion shows? I think male models can be very diverse (as I'll show in a moment), so they really do cater for all different types of taste, whilst sometimes female models can look a little...same. Frankly. As gorgeous as some of them are.

And darling, I've been looking at Hermes and Burberry runway shows and who doesn't love a man in a collar or suit? Sharp and tailored to a T? I think girls who can't appreciate a man dressed up are missing out terribly. It shapes their jaws, shoulders, makes them stand a bit straighter...and if they have their hair done as well, mmhmmmmm. It can just be so...handsome but devillish and sexy at the same time. I'll happily ogle for those who aren't interested to. For some reason I'm picturing Tom Ford in my head as I'm typing this.

A little bit of 5 o'clock shadow, a few buttons on the shirt undone and a very devious gaze. Mmmmm. Guys in suits have to be one of the reasons why I do love the racing season back in Melbourne so much!

But yes. As I was saying, men's runway shows.

No shirt and jacket in this look, but I absolutely LOVE it. The jumper is fantastic, it just gives that hint of collarbone, that tease of skin (and I'm craaazy about shoulders on guys) but still looks so warm and inviting. There's a touch of excitement there. And matched with the suit pants, still oh so professional and handsome, which again, is just sexy. It looks completely effortless.

I really do enjoy Hermes bursts of yellow and red in thier show. I mean, guys can be colourful and professional too after all! It's not all reserved for the girls! And this look would be so easy to take from work to going out for a dinner with some friends. I want a jumper with that neck now...

I LOVE THIS GUY. I want to know who he is. He just stands out in comparison to all the other male models (although the one in that first picture I posted is super cute too...) and I love that he is not the typical 'male model' mould. I mean, he is RUGGED. And that's very hot.

I like the softer neckline on this, suits and dresing up for work does not always have to make you look hard and severe gentlemen!

As much as I hate how wearing the Burberry tartan can just be so obvious and sometimes can look really tacky in my opinon, it really completes the look here for me, adds a bit of texture and colour. And I love the suit, the pinstripes are too cute and with that hat? I've been looking for one of them for my big head!

*sigh* I could go on but I feel this entry is getting far too long. So I will quietly continue to enjoy my sharply dressed boys without rest!

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