Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So when I was in Japan earlier this month, I had been hunting around for booties but hadn't been able to find any...the only boots I really came across often were.......wellingtons.


At first I kept cursing the wellingtons, because they were not the chic, sexy, black leather-ed, heeled boots I had been envisioning. Although I did some really cute wellington designs. Which late had me thinking, maybe it would be a kind of cute thing to wear in the wet and cold weather, I mean what else would keep your feet dry best? Leather can be hard to wear in wet weather unless you have water proofed it first.

So why the random talk of wellingtons?

I hopped onto my favourite, net-a-porter, to look at boots because even though I have my beautiful TopShop ankle boots now, I'm still vying for a pair of knee high flat boots or cowboy boots, I am on a mission to complete a shoe wardrobe!

Anyway, so I hopped on to net-a-porter, went to the boots and lo-and-behold, they're selling a bunch of wellingtons! Which surprised me initially, but then I saw these....

from Hunter...gasped and fawned over how cute they were.

Even Juicy Couture and Burberry have some cute wellingtons in their range!

I love how classy the Burberry ones look!

Man the japanese definetly get it right! These are just way too adorable! From

So now I'm wondering if I should consider looking for a pair and how I could work it. If I got a bright coloured pair, I could imagine it being quite cute on a minimalistic black outfit...although...I quite like the punchy bright colours in this outfit...


Maybe a trip to AA is required....

And just something additional things I found on net-a-porter and thought were amazing.


From Sergio Rossi.
Would have no idea how to EVER wear these. But they make me smile. Talk about adding some colour to your outfit hey?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Booties! <3

So I took this pics a few days ago, but totally forgot to post them up.

So pretty much, when I arrived in Manila at the end of late February, one of my shopping goals before I went back to Melbourne, was to find the perfect pair of ankle boots.

I could see them in my head, they would remind me of Kate Moss for some reason. But they would be ankle height (obviously), and a bit wider around the top (like you see on a lot of twiggy legged models), with a fairly nice chunky heel, leather (a must darling!) and well, ideally with a great big buckle or two strapped over it. And maybe some studs, just to sex it up a bit.

So I thought, since I was going to Japan in April, I could find them there, but alas, since they were moving into spring, all the leather boots had gone from their shelves! A lot of extremely cute wellingtons though....maybe I need to consider getting a pair.

And so, I returned from Japan, a little bit disappointed (but who could be completely, since one came home with some fabulous Vivienne Westwood pieces) and decided I'd probably wait until I got back to Melbourne to find some nice boots. Really, in Manila, a country where it's hot and humid ALL year around, how is one supposed to find a nice pair of boots?

Ah, but Manila has a lot of british brands that Melbourne doesn't.

So I sauntered into TopShop one day, since Mum had informed me they were having a 50% off mid year sale or something, tried on a couple of dresses, didn't buy anything and was about to walk out of the store when I remembered I forgot to look at the shoes!

Then I saw them. Boots.

Not exactly what I saw in my head, but I asked for my size anyway.

Slipped them on.

They were fabulous!

And 50% off!

How was a girl to turn them down!

And so now I have some very saucy ankle boots to wear back to Melbourne!

These pictures aren't the most fabulous, but I just took them quickly one night to show my friend. Hehee :]

Note the cute little detail at the back! :]

I can't wait to wear them back at home with some black tights and my American Apparel (which will from here ever on be referred to as AA) dresses!

Hmm. Need to work on these legs though. :x

Monday, April 20, 2009

Feeling Greeeeen

So I saw a pic of this the other day....And went *GASP*, it reminds me so much of Burberry's Spring campaign as well (see below)! Just a little bit edgier. It's not usually a good thing when one campaign makes you think of another hey? ;x Oh Gucci.



(I LOVE that bag.)

Although I honestly have to say, I think I like Burberry's campaign better. I love it all is. The lighting and styling, feels so clean and is awfully refreshing when you live in a concrete jungle. It's a little bit ironic when you think about it since their previous range was so...metallic and heavy (my mum couldn't stand it), kinda winter gladiator. Hahaa! :]

Also found out the campaign was shot by Mario Testino. Hmm. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying the photos so much. :]

Oh man when I was in Japan... Burberry Blue Label. SO CUTE. I absolutely fell in love with a pair of shoes and a couple of dresses. Ah! If only I had more extra spare hundred dollars lying around!

Just SO chic, I kinda wish I had naturally slim limbs for this look. Oh well. Maybe I'd do it with skinny jeans instead :]

I can't find the pink version of this, BUT OMGOSH SO CUTE!

I honestly don't usually like Burberry, cause the typical Burberry check I find is a bit tooo obvious for me, but I love what they have in stores right now. :]


Late night online shopping site browsing. Finding a gazillion and one things I'm loving on <3>
Manoush Marilyn Dress
Just WAY too cute for words. I totally need me a waistline like that.

Alice McCall Paneled Bustier Dress

McQ by Alexander McQueen Square Print Drape

Sass & Bide Oversized Frill Collar Mini Dress With T-Bar Back
Loove this. Would look so cute in winter with the new boots I got from Top Shop...ooh I need to get pictures of those up tomorrow. :]

Just adorable!

Been seeing a lot of this kinda stuff cute. I LOVE IT.

So pretty! Look at that skirt! *sigh* How I do need to lose weight. ;[ Ah well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Day After...

Ah you've gotta love going out and having a couple of beers with your friends one night...but the next day, your body so does not love you back after. I always hate how bloated I feel and of course, during the course of the night I say I won't have so much...but it never turns out that way.

Good company, cute boys and swimming pools always leave you wanting more.

But anyway, back to my point, after a night of drinking I'm always looking for loose comfy clothes. My favourite lil empire line dress I usually wear was soaked from the night before, so I had to see what else I could find.

I'm actually very happy with the lil outfit I threw together this morning <3 Sorry for not so great photos, but they still do the job!




I love my shoooes <3 I picked them up on my most recent trip to Japan, I rarely wear sneakers these days but I thought these were a lil more chic than the usual. :]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Them crazy harajuku kids <3

Well, so I'm already behind in putting up the amount of posts I had in my head when I set this up...but y'know. A girl gets busy swimming with whale sharks and things.

Fabulous trip really. :]


Just went through some of my pics from my Japan trip (oh I want to be back, someone pack me up and send me!) and of course, through the pics taken in Harajuku on the sunday that we happened to go.

I seriously love all the different styles you get and I honestly wish I could pull them all of sometimes, buuut, that'd be kinda different. And god you'd need a huge wardrobe!

Here's just a couple of my favourite shots <3

Check out the hair! <3 That blue is too awesoem :]

It's amazing, this girl was sitting by herself there, with another friend constantly fixing up the folds in her dress or her hair. There were easily about 20 people surrounding her taking photos with all sorts of cameras but she's just sitting there, talking to one or two people and acting like the rest of us weren't there at all! I honestly do wish i could really care less what people thought of me like that sometimes! Haha :]

Cute like a cupcake <3 I totally wanted to buy some lolita accesories home, but really had no idea what to get that I could easily...integrate into my daily wardrobe.

Just amazing. <3

She was SO my favourite there, she was so cute! <3

Oh if I could only have taken pictures of every single Japanese I found cute. I may dig up some more...wear-able japanese style photos in a day or two...once I get through the 1000 or so photos I have left to get through! @_@

Monday, April 13, 2009

Whilst in Tokyo, I took my mother down Ometesando, in the Harajuku area and we walked down to the end to see the gooorgeous Prada buildling. Such a pretty building, it's like this massive glass structure and is like 4 or 5 stories tall...forgot exactly how many. Hahaa. It looked awesome against the beautiful blue sky though.

So of course, since we made it all the way down...mum and I go in. :]

Prada bags have never really caught my eye, I find the trendy stuff a bit too trendy and I think the nylon in general just isn't as appealing to me. I like my leather. Aesthetically, I typically find the bags kind of boring I suppose.

But anyway. Mum and I make it to the top of the building, which is all men's. We end up looking at the bags and discussing how handsome man bags actually are.

And then we come across this.




From the Men's Spring '09 line.

Oh. It was beautiful. I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder and just fell in love with it. The leather is amazing and it's such a practical little bag.

But about 2000 dollars. So still thinking about it. Mum's heading for Europe in a if she can find it there I may have a 21st birthday present. Teehee! :D

Welcome to my blog! :]

So I've gotten into a habit of reading some people's fashion blogs, whether they be taking photos of other people's fashions or their own and do love browsing around and sometimes want to share what fashion lusts I have.

And I love taking pics of my own outfits (Although most of them are hardly exciting, but maybe I can improve on that over time :])

So this is my little space to rant on about all things fashion. I think I'll have a couple of posts in the next few days because I just got back from Japan and there's a whole host of things I want to goss about!