Monday, May 4, 2009

Days of shopping...

So, I went shopping yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks, feels so good! I totally wanted to get all these pictures up last night, but my internet was being weird and not uploading any photos and I was super tired. Because the night before we had been deep frying snickers and maltesers and I only got 4 hours of sleep. Hmm. Feeling much better today but just demolished 100g of dark chocolate for my morning tea. Oopsies.


What I wore for the day :] Note the 'day after drinking/eating adventures I shouldn't have had' shirt. Hehee.
Top : Random market in Manila
Jeans : Sass and Bide Strayed Misfits (I BROKE ONE OF THE BELT LOOPS YESTERDAY. :[)
Shoes : Italian made, bought in Manila

The necklace was actually my first purchase of the day! I got it at a little marketplace, it's made of turquoise! I was looking at all the turquoise necklaces in the shop and typically it has a lovely light blue colour, but couldn't decide which one I liked. Then the lady pulled out a few other turquoise necklaces, which were a bit pricier but which were of a more unique colour. I saw this one, put it on and swoooned, it just suited my complexion so well!

So one of my favourite pasttimes in the mall, is to just go into stores and try on stuff for the sake of it, even if I have absolute no intention of buying it. Hehee. :]

Tried this on in MNG, I think it's so interesting, it makes me feel like a pirate. If it goes on sale I may come back for it.

Hahaa, I feel like Imelda Marcos. :D I love the collar, so cute! Didn't fit the body very well though. :[

OMG. I LOVE THIS SKIRT. I LOVE THIS COMBO. Was in Zara. Urgh. SO wanted the skirt. I woulda worn it in tights when in Melbourne with a nice lil trench. Might come back for it when I return to Philippines in June.

I love yellow! Would love this to insert more colour into my work wardrobe! :]

I love TopShop, British style is just sooo cute. However, since I am returning to Melbourne and it's super cold there right now, I didn't think this would be a very appropriate purchase. :[

I loved the back on this, but my boobs are too small to fill it out! Haha!

I did end up buying this. Even though I'm super self concious, I just loved how this felt on, it's fairly thick, so I figured I could wear it back in Melbourne with some tights and my new booties(!!!), or even slide on a long sleeve top underneath it for more daily use. And I've got a boy back in Melbourne I wanna dress up for. Teehee. :D

Omgosh, when I was in TopShop, I saw these all in a row...

And died. They are SO hot. I was going to try on a pair but dad came to pick me up from my shopping day. Oh god I want them though. ALL OF THEM.

And so my day concluded with Dad and I going to our favourite Japanese restaurant in Manila, and having a scrumptious Japanese feast! The chefs recognise us as we're regulars and always give us extra treats and make our sushi rolls extra big!

Mmmmmmmm. I could eat Japanese EVERY day.

My mumsies in Melbourne also went to the Sass and Bide warehouse sale for me and apparently picked me up a pair of new strayed misfits for $30! I really hope I can wear them alright!

Gosh I really have a thing for long blog posts. But pictures are made to be shared no?



  1. th grey jersey dress look hot! good choice, best out of all of them!!

  2. That top with the collar is fabulous!
    Love the grey dress too, tres sexy.