Friday, May 8, 2009

American Apparel havoc.


Back in Melbourne. This is the place to be. Was so good to see my grandma and dog (he's still so stupid and adorable). :]

And caught up with a whole buncha random friends yesterday at different times and places and stayed out til midnight with no real plans. God I miss that, the city at night is just amazing.

I really should blog my outfits on the day I wear them, but I got home so late (again) last night and just was too tired. So at least I'm only a day late hey? :x

My outfit for the afternoon.
Jumper - H&M (Men's department, I picked up this lil number for only 5 euro in Germany!)
Shorts - American Apparel
Tights - Marks and Spencer (I love their tights, I accidently got caught on some velcro and they didn't rip anywhere!)
Boots - Topshop

I totally didn't realise how high my heels were until I left the house, I was running late to get coffee with my friend and just chucked them on cause they were by the door. Talk about a good butt workout that afternoon!

So I met up for coffee with one of my best girlfriends, god you have no idea how much I miss just going out to a cute lil cafe for a cup of tea and a cookie. And being able to walk down a street and decide on the spot! Had a fantastic natter about boys and tattoos and the such. I'm randomly contemplating maybe getting something tiiiiiiiny on my wrist. Buut, I'm so fickle I'm terrified I won't want it a couple months down the track. Hmmm.

After coffee, I met up with my cuuteed friend (we have weird terms..) David who is as addicted to American Apparel as I am and we met up in Chapel street to go wreack havoc on the store!

We ended up spending an hour there just running around and trying stuff on. Haha. ;B I wonder if retail attendants find people who just try stuff on really annoying...although we both did buy stuff too!

Bought this, although I'm questioning it a bit now. I absolutely loved it last night, but I'm not sure how versatile I can work it. But, IT'S BRIGHT PINK! And I really wanna try working the oversized tee/jumper look, problem for me is that I have such big shoulders I can't usually find anything that looks big on me and not look ridiculous.

Didn't buy this as I felt a bit too lumpy and bumpy in it, it's SO TIGHT, but looking at the photo's not so bad is it? David hated the pattern, but says he's starting to like it. Hehee. Well, still something to consider maybe. :]

I did get this! I didn't think I'd like the aztec pattern so much in red, but ended up really liking it! And I'm sorry, it has pockets. Any dress with pockets is a winner in my book. I also bought a green batwing hoody (Which my friend Ben hates, hehe), sooo comfortable!

Then of course, because amongst all the cool stuff AA has, it does have some...rather ridiculous looking things....David and I cackled everytime we came across something highlighter fluro coloured or super metallic. Which was very often. Lots of laughing. As we do, we grabbed some horrendously coloured things on to try on, just for the sake of it.

The very funny thing is, as ridiculous as they are, I actually liked the highlighter yellow on David, just not with the purple....and my lil disturbs me that I didn't mind it. I mean, those are metallic splotched legging...things. Hahaaa! Although I am in love with the vest and may go back for it.

I love yellow things. If you hadn't picked up on it already from previous posts. Oh maan, I got given a lift home by Terry (boys, boys and more boys hehee.) and he showed me his new car for the first time. At first when we were walking towards it, he was, "oh it's that white one", but then promptly turned at this HOT sporty yellow number (Nissan Silvia I think?). "Just kiddin. It's this one."

Oh I freaked so bad. I fell in love instantly.

Mmm. It's morning and my brain is making this blog entry completely all over the place. So before I confuse you all some more I'm going to stop here. Be fabulous dears!

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  1. The black and white AA bodycon dress looks great on you -you should definitely consider it -if you've got the body, why not????

    I practically live in them, just b/c they're so versitile -I love dressing them up and down