Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Your love is like sunshiiiinneee~

Sunnies - Prada

My friend took a bunch of photos of me yesterday cause he liked my shirt against the backdrop of Federation Square.

Which then reminded me, I haven't shown you guys my new sunnies, which I only picked up about two days ago!

Yes sunglasses are a big deal for me because I am extremely blind and don't use contacts. I can't stand trying to poke myself in the eye. So instead, I invest in getting prescription sunglasses. My last pair were from Burberry and have lasted me a good 2-3 years, and whilst I still love them, they have stretched out a bit and fall off my face whenever I look down into my bag to find something.

And hey, the new sunnies must really be doing something, I got a random guy who asked for my number at the GAS STATION. Since when are guys eyes peeled for that at the gas station? And then I had a really nice...well. I suppose I can call date, in the evening.

Teehee. :]


  1. Hi:)
    Love the headphones:)

    You must like music as much as me...
    What genre do you listen to?

  2. Hey! :D Yeah, I love my headphones too! So good for walking around the city with. :]

    I listen to a bit of everything...rock, pop, depends on my mood! My favourite singer is a Japanese singer but at the moment I'm listening to a lot of Michael Buble and Andre Bocelli!