Friday, March 12, 2010

Painted and ripped...

Whilst I do love jeans, I have yet to pick me up a pair of Cheap Mondays, which is strange because whilst I do love jeans, I do love good quality cheap things more!

I've just never loved the cut or the feel of the denim and I've always been a little bit suspect about what my friends have said about the fact that they don't give or stretch too much.

Honey, when you have thighs like mine, you WANT/NEED/DESPERATELY NEED the jeans to give and stretch a bit.

However, I spied their lookbook for this season a while ago and I absolutely fell in love with this picture:

I absolutely need to grab an old pair of dark jeans and smear white paint all over them. But would I get the brushes of paint in the exact right areas? As perfect and as well balanced as these pairs of jeans are? Highly questionable.

But basically, I love the look.

And looking at the rest of their lookbook, I love what they're doing with their denim this season, it's so much more exciting and edgy, I love the 'raw' denim feel the pictures are just oozing, which is exactly not what their jeans were to me previously.

Isn't that wash colour just beautiful?

That painted look again! I love it...

I always say buying pre-ripped jeans is such a stupid notion, and whilst I probably would not buy these


  1. Hi:)
    I really loved the jeans in the first frame. They look wonderful, and has a Rock&Roll feeling to them.:)

    I would actually die for a pair:)

  2. Hi:)
    I just gave you a blogger award...come and pick it up:)
    Have a nice day . SP