Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Bloggers!

The most lovely Soul Princess nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award! Thank you so much dear. :]

So to accept this award, I have to nominate 3 other bloggers and tell you seven random facts about me...Hmmm...

1. I consider ice-cream to be an important staple food in my diet!
2. I wake up very early without an alarm clock...I have a strange body clock..
3. I am crazy about dragons!
4. Jellyfish are one of my favourite things to photograph
5. Hearts are my favourite shape, I'm a sucker for most things with hearts!
6. Most of my best friends are guys, I really don't have a lot of girlfriends...:c
7. I hate vacuuming!

Now... I nominate...

YEKKY of greenrainbow delight
Jetsetting Joyce of MEL:HOT OR NOT
My wife who hasn't updated his blog since making it! >:c

Again, thanks SP! :] Lots of love!

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