Monday, March 29, 2010

One Night, One day, One pair of shoes

Dress - V&M, Shoes - MIss Sixty

Top, shorts, shoes - Miss Sixty, Jacket - Anne Klein, Bag - Witchery

How was your weekend folks? Here's a recap on mine!

Friday night, went to a friend's friend's 21st Birthday. So happy I finally got a chance to wear this dress out, bought it a month or two ago but I just haven't been out so, hadn't really deemed it appropriate to wear. Although, I discovered a cute casual way to wear it which I will demonstrate on a warmer day maybe...

Lots of fun and way too many gin and tonics.

Saturday, I got 5 hours of sleep and then drove down to the market to buy food for Sunday, where I invited my friends over and cooked up lots of lamb for them. I adore shopping at the market. As I have said previously. My butcher this time, gave me the better lamb cutlets with a bit of extra fat on them to give them more flavour and on top of that, tossed in a couple of extra free on top of what I asked for! Now isn't that just the sweetest thing?

Yes, since I got these heels re-heeled, I have been absolutely wearing them to death. I always think a pop of colour can work with any outfit, especially if that pop of colour is on the shoes. And these are probably my most comfortable pair of heels, I danced the Thriller dance in them at my friend's birthday!

Also, this jacket was pinched from my mum's closet, since I have more shoulder than her, it fits me quite nicely. I am quite in love with it. I am very excited for fall to really set in so that I can wear it all the time!

Oh and I totally didn't plan to wear Miss Sixty head to toe on Saturday, but it just works together all so well!


  1. good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

  2. Hi:)
    Really liked the blazer...and jackets like that goes with everything:)
    Have a good day . SP