Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To market to market

Dress - Shakahuchi, Shoes - Schu

I love putting on a pretty dress and going to buy food at the market. Especially when I have to buy meat and/or fish, as the fish mongers and butchers can be so sweet if you happen to catch their eye. Which isn't too hard if you are in a pretty dress, see where I'm coming from?

Especially the older guys, they're just so sweet and charming and are completely non-threatening. It's just so pleasant, why can't guys in my generation be more charming like that?

I've been waiting for some cooler weather to wear this dress, I absolutely adore it to bits, although I didn't notice it initially and only got it because my mum suggested. She really does have a good eye sometimes, I am now in love with this dress because it is just so comfortable and makes me feel so girly and sweet...in a not overly girly way.

And it has pockets. What dress with pockets is not immediately epic win? AND it was on sale. Got it for like 35 bucks instead of 200! That's a STEAL in my books ladies.


  1. Hi:)
    You look amazing, and very good Ashley:)

    Loved that blue dress...!

    Have a smashing day - SP

  2. love the print and colours in this shakahuchi dress!!
    sooo cute.

    sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience at nobu :(
    was it the food or the service that was a let down?