Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Top - Picked up in Hong Kong years ago, Skirt - Hollister, Shoes - Tony Bianco, Bag - Chanel, Scarf - Alexander McQueen

Oh dear I'm making sleepy eyes in that first photo.

Today whilst browsing an adorable op shop (I'm not usually fond of op shops but this one actually had really nice stuff), the shopkeeper said hi to me and then gave me a go over and said I looked great. Hmm. Really something about getting changed in 5 minutes that works for me at the moment.

Also discovered a totally adorable and HUGE vintage store on Smith st, with surprisingly reasonable prices (dresses for $35? yes please!) which I certainly plan to go back and ransack one of these days....

The past two days I've been getting some lovely things in the mail. The first of which is the beautiful scarf I'm wearing, which I bought off from ebay. I bought it on Monday, it was in my house on Tuesday. I am absolutely smitten with it.

I thought it would make a lovely alternative to my black scarf with white skulls that I've been completely whoring out.

I also just got my new Silver Spartans from blackmilk clothing today as well! I went up a size to large, which fit my thighs and hips much better, but unfortunately get a little bit looser around the ankle than I'd like. But not too badly I suppose at least.

I plan to get better pictures of these babies soon, as I was too lazy to get shoes that matched, but my brother commented on how I look like a super hero.

So looking forward to wearing these to go karaoke in on Friday!

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  1. Those ares some crazy leggings girl, but they are amazing!