Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And his name was...MEOW.

Top - White Verve, Skirt - Hollister, Jacket - Anne Klein, Boots - Zara, Scarf - from Tokyo

Managed to find a bit of time the other day to pop into a few of my sometimes-discount-stores, which I just realised I absolutely miss doing. I just haven't had time to get into shops and browse through racks of clothing and look and feel clothing in my hands.

Online shopping is glorious fun, but there's nothing like actually getting out into the shops. Although this day there wasn't anything in the stores, I was told by one of the shopkeepers that I looked great, which I found quite random, as I literally dressed in 5 minutes. Just one of those perfect outfit days?

And yes, I have been absolutely whoring out this scarf to high heaven lately, but it just seems to match everything. Makes me really think I should invest in an Alexander McQueen one...

Oh and check out this ring that I did find in a store on Rathdowne St, I saw it in the window and just had to have it. Bit of a steal at $18 I think?

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