Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog + life = ...?

The most lovely Soul Princess, posed me a question on one of my blog posts recently which I thought was quite interesting...and since I don't really feel like working I'll take a bit of time out to comment...

"Hi girl:)
I have a challenge for you...

How much does your online, and blogging life interact with your real life?
Is it a big part of it?
Is it really separate?
Or is your blog a mechanism to improve your real life or your business?

I will answer mine tomorrow:)

Have a great evening :)sp"

I think this question has come at an interesting time for me, as I find myself actively blogging more than ever and really enjoying the time that I do spend on it.

When I first started, it was due to me really starting to get into fashion and trying to involve myself more with the fashion world, being more creative with my outfits, what not. So through the internet, I stumbled on to fashion blogs. And I found it absolutely fascinating. But I found it quite a tiring thought to have to take the time to take photos and document what you're wearing etc. I gave it a try anyway, as some of my friends had commented on loving my clothes and my outfits (although I haven't actually shown many of them this blog) so it seemed like a good idea.

I was a very sporadic uploader and was pretty pathetic at doing it regularly. I think I was in a situation where I felt silly taking pictures of myself and was in the mindset that I wouldn't be popular enough for anyone to look at my blog.

But overtime and maybe with the starting of my second blog, one based on food, imsohungree, blogging started to become a thing I enjoyed personally. I used to write diaries as a child, and on deviantart used to write fairly long journal posts about how I was feeling or saying what I did during the day etc. So once blogging started to become something enjoyable and almost a habit, I started becoming far more regular. I really enjoy the time out from writing emails or thinking that I always need to be working to find pretty things, reflect a bit about food, share what I am wearing and even if no one is reading, at least I'm getting a point of view out there somewhere on the internet. Blogging is something for me to enjoy.

Nowadays how much is it a part of my life? I think it's actually become a fairly significant aspect, well not that important, but it does crop up a fair bit in my thoughts. Since I have the food blog, I make the effort to go out and try new places more often and be adventurous with my food, which leads me to reading more foodblogs and articles about restaurants to find out what's going on in the restaurant-sphere. Same thing can be said about my clothes, I think nowadays I try to wear something different almost everyday, so that in case I end up taking pictures for the blog, I have something different to put up! I get a bit nervous when I wear the same outfit twice now!

And I suppose, since I do make the effort to try and wear new things, I push myself slightly out of my comfort zone and force myself to pretend I'm confident in whatever I'm wearing!

So I suppose from that point of view, blogging is something that's improved my life, made me invest a little more time in myself, made me work a little bit on my self esteem and really helped me find a love of food!

Now if I could somehow transfer this from hobby to a career....

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