Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Verve

Shirt - White Verve, Shorts - Very Very, Tights - Mark and Spencer, Scarf - Banana Republic

Just imagine this outfit with some knee high boots, I was too lazy to put them back on for the photo. :]

This is one of the beautiful tops I bought when I was in Sydney last weekend. White Verve is a Sydney brand, and a very young one at that having only started up a year or so ago (according to the shop assistant), the designer was designing for Ladakah and the like before starting up on her own.

What else is really cool about the brand though, is that with each season they choose a cause or organization that supports underprivileged women to contribute to, with each purchase of one of their pieces. I love that a young Australian brand is doing this, as I suppose it's a little more typical of the big names to do so, but the women that White Verve support are a little more unique.

You can find out more here.

But yes, I love this top, I feel very girly and sweet when I wear it and I love the details on the front and the back, the sequins are so subtle and adorable! There were chains hanging off the ends of the sleeves but I ended cutting them off because they just got in the way...

It was a glorious 19 degrees in Melbourne again and I spent most of my day sitting outside talking. Lovin it.


  1. Hi girl:)
    You truly are a very gorgeous girl...
    Liked the white top very much :)
    May i have it?
    Just kidding :)

    Have a good day - SP

  2. Aw, thank you so much hun! :] And you'll have to let me get a little bit more wear out of the top before I even consider passing it on! :]