Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling the mercury drop

Dress - Thakoon for Target, Jacket - MaxMara, Boots - Tony Bianco, Belt - Miss Sixty

After spending a weekend in Sydney where it was quite a delightful 27 degrees, I am actually more than happy to be back home in Melbourne where it is a very jacket-cosy-ingly 19 degrees.

I love my jackets, I love my boots, I love warm cups of hot chai in cute cafes.

Pinched mum's jacket out today, since it was delightfully cold enough to do so, it makes me feel kinda European. Must be the boots as well.

And usually I hate doing buttons on shirts and dresses up all the way, I mean hey, I am a girl, might as well make use of my assets a little, but I was surprised at how cute I found this dress was all done up.

And have I mentioned I love dresses with pockets before?

Or well if I haven't I do and this dress has them. Looooooove.

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