Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quite Punchy

Dress - Cantão
, Shoes - Aldo, Bag - Chanel, Belt - mum bought, Rings - from Beijing

Ooh, look at me pull the sassy face! But this dress does that to me, I feel mature but still quite sexy and I adore the colour.

Cantão is a Brazillian brand, mum and I picked up this dress sometime last year at an amazing sale on Rathdowne, she has since gotten a few other pieces from them (when on sale) and their pieces are always so beautifully bright and festive.

But this dress is now prominently mine, rather than mum's although she has worn it out a couple of times as well.

I have also started getting a lot more use out of my Chanel bag lately, it's so easy to treat it as a precious thing, but if it stays locked up in it's box, what's the point of having bought it?! I'm always amazed at how much I can squeeze into it...boys will never understand it's worth.

So popped out last night with Brad for dinner and then drinks with his friend. Was surprisingly comfortable in walking around in the heels all night, although the toes were a weeeee bit squished by the time I got home.

The price of fashion hey?


  1. Nice outfit! Love the shoes and the bag =) xx

  2. This silhouette suits you so well, its super flattering with the belt!

    Really like your shoes! And of course the bag... Drool, drool.

  3. first of all AMAZIN BAG! cant go wrong with chanel! and second of all great outfit! love that floral dress with the cinching belt at the waist, creates nice feminine curves! and im loving the shoes... the colour and design, perfect!

    xoxo jenna

  4. very cool print on the dress

  5. Hi :)
    I am late commenting girls...
    But i like the really suits you:)

    The shoes were amazing as well, and your legs look super long...
    The hair is funky as well:)

    Have a nice Friday - SO