Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adding some Sass to my wardrobe...

SO! Because I changed my e-mail recently, I totally forgot to sign up for Missy Confidential again and nearly missed that there was a Sass and Bide warehouse sale over this weekend!


But fortunately I made it in today and picked up a few pieces at an absolute bargain!

I remembered eye-ing off this skirt in David Jones when it was new. Got it for $20! Think I'll probably wear it with a white shirt and my knee high boots or something...

I'd been looking for the perfect blue jean, and whilst I originally had a skinny in mind, these flares are just amazing. $30 as well. WHAAT?!

Mum found this cute lil dress/top (she plans to wear it as a top, and I as a mini dress) which we snatched up for $20! I think for winter I'll wear it with my black milk leggings...<3

I also got a pair of cropped leopard print rats leggings, which I have always thought were pretty ugly as leggings go, but mum convinced me to slip them on under my mini and I think if worn with a pair of knee high boots, would be pretty cute this winter. And hey, they were only $10. Why not? I'm not sure where my mum put them, otherwise I'd have grabbed a picture of them too.

Since mum's come home I find myself eating a lot more again, which kinda sucks cause my Dad just brought back some of my clothes that I left in the Philippines, which include a bunch of beautiful high waisted skirts which are fitting just right at the moment....*siiigh* to be a woman.

Ah well. At least I got a great steal today! <3