Thursday, February 4, 2010

A rose by any other name...

White Suede's Winter 2010 collection is hitting stores...about now. And although I need to be saving money for my trip to the US in June....oh, gosh. I love it. I want to buy something. So bad. Their dresses are as girly and beautiful as ever, the cuts in this season are a little more girly and the overall silhouette a little bit softer, but still more fitted than previous seasons I find. There are some beaaautiful patterns in this collection as well.

I am particularly enamoured with this beautiful maxi one shoulder dress, this rose print is just to die for. I've been really craving something with floral print, but I'm really struggling to find something I love. This might just tick that box....

Love the tuxedo jacket.

Omgoodness. Can I just say that this dress just makes me die? I love this shade of blue!

I love the leopard print jacket, another print I've been craving for but again, have trouble finding something I really like. But the subtle detail of the print in this jacket is just lovely, I'm curious to see what it looks like in person...

Hardly need a jacket like this in the current's horribly 30 degrees everyday at the moment...but just soooo chic.

Urggh. White Suede stop doing this! :c

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