Monday, February 22, 2010

The second office...

Top - Prada for Luna Rossa, Jeans - Dr Denim, Belt - stole from mum, Shoes - Schu Bar, Bag - YSL, Scarf - Ralph Lauren

I'm feeling kind of nautical and a bit like the bastard style child of something Parisian and Melbournian.

But I quite like it.

This t-shirt my Dad originally bought from the Prada outlet store, its for the sailing team Luna Rossa, Prada does their shirts and things and it was a bit too small for him so I had been using it as a gym shirt...but then when I had a sudden desire for something nautical, I realised how adorable a top it made.

I've recently changed from my Longchamp bag to my YSL that mum got me last year from an outlet in Italy. It makes me feel boy-ish and I quite like that. Maybe I should've gel-ed my hair and gone for an androgynous look today...

Spent just about the whole day, after going to the gym and killing myself on weights cause I haven't really done them for a week or the restaurant I'm working as a marketing assistant at in the city. Both my jobs are pretty online based so I can work from home, but I really like having somewhere to go out to y'know? So I sort of claim one of the tables upstairs of the restaurant and sprawl everything across it.

And of course get my fix of wildberry yoghurt sometime between 3-4pm.

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  1. Hi girl:)
    That last picture at the coffee shop reminds me of myself...
    I can sit at a table for hours - working- blogging,and so one...

    There is no better pace to get inspiration i think:)
    I am a follower...