Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Dark Queen

Dress - Alexande McQueen for Target, Leggings - Black Milk Clothing, Shoes - Acne, Belt - Portmans

Whoop, a very late outfit upload...but ah well. Better than never.

Wore this out on Tuesday night to a dinner at Mamasita, this awesome new mexican place in the city, with a couple of friends. Been to the place once before and love it, but my gosh, the place in the past week has just been hit with reviews so it was SO busy that night!

About the outfit though...I love that I have at least one McQueen piece, even if it was what he designed for Target! I found the piece in the Philippines in this place where they have random surplus of American stock...unfortunately this piece was only available in large, but I thought it looks very cute belted up no?

And I absolutely adore my Acne's with the black milk leggings. Aren't they fabulous? I soooo cannot wait for the new 2010 collection from black milk to come out!


  1. love the dress and shoes.

  2. Hi Ashley:)
    Loved that outfit...
    Specially the shoes...
    Have a nice day. SP