Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Breaker

Top - Mental, Belt - Portmans, Shorts - Very Very, Shoes - Schu Bar

Hmm, I have been getting very very lazy with updating this haven't I? Yet again. Oh well, at least I do every now and again...I love this top though, the back is just amazing, it's actually more like a tunic, but I don't really like how it fits me lower down, so I think it's much cuter worn with something high waisted.

This was my outfit on Friday, where I went to a costume shop with a friend to pick up some make up so I can make people into zombies in a month...need some practice between then and now though!

We also went to check out the new Ice House in Melbourne which just opened. Ice Skating is really good fun.

And since I"m single today, I will not go with the obvious and say Happy Chinese New Year! :]

Oh! And I just ordered these from

Been goin to their website everyday for the past 2 months staring at their leggings. Unfortunately the 2009 collection has gone down, but I still want some slick leggings and I think these will fit the bill very nicely. Very excited. Cannot wait for them to come in!

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  1. Oh man, I've been hanging to check out the new Ice-house >_<.