Friday, December 18, 2009

I can Fly.

Tshirt - boyfriend's, shorts - Hollister, shoes - Converse, hat - Bonita

Wore this yesterday on a lovely cold 21 degree day, which immediately followed a 40 degree day...go figure Melbourne weather. One of the only places in the world where this is probably a regular occurance. Of course today is a charming 24 or so and is sunny again. Whuuuut?

The boyfriend keeps leaving his t-shirts and socks at my place, but this one t-shirt of his I particularily happen to like. So of course, I took it, washed it (what a mother I am…) and have decided to keep it for a few days before I return it to him. Unfortunately as he is a backpacker, he doesn’t have a whole lotta clothes. So I can’t really steal anything from him permanently.

I haven’t worn converse in ages. I’m such a heels girl, but it’s nice to be able to chuck them on every now and again. However I think it’s high time I got another pair…these ones are so terrible beat up. I had my eye on a yellow pair…they would match my belt nicely…

Went go-karting with the boy, bestie and bestie's friends last night! Was SO much fun, and I ended up being quite the unexpected dark horse, I proved to be a very good defender and came 4th out of the 8 of us! And hey, I was the only girl there. The boy, who's craaazy about cars, was very impressed.

So doing it again.


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