Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vices vices

Ah shoes...WHAT DO YOU DO TO ME!

Went to Topshop yesterday with a friend, because I decided she needed cuter going out clothes. So while she was trying on stuff, I discovered that this Topshop had some shoes I had been DYING for online in MY SIZE. The last time I went they totally said they didn't have my size...: <

But alas, they were the last pair and a bit beat up from people trying it on and wouldn't give me a discount, so I could not justify paying full price for them.

SO cute.

But to my great surprise instead later, we were walking past a store and I saw a pair of shoes in the window that just made me go 'OMG NEED TO TRY ON'.

So I went in. And came out with two pairs of shoes for the price of that one pair of Topshop shoes. I feel justified.

I have been wanting shoes like these two for aggeees and at about 2500 peso each (bit over AUS$50?) I could totally justify it. :] The teal ones are soooo soft! I can't wait to go back to Melbourne and wear them with some tights and shorts!

Outfit for the day.

Top - MNG, Jeans - Dr. Denim, Shoes - Picked up in SM, Necklace - stolen from mum's box of 60's stuff

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  1. oooh wow i love the shoes, what a great buy! theyre gorgeous xx