Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flying Eaassyyy...

So finally got around to editing some photos from a casual photoshoot I had with a model about two weeks ago. I do enjoy editing, but when you're a bit snap happy like me and end up with about 400 photos to look though, it does get rather tiring.

This was my second model shoot to date, I'm typically really shy about shooting other people as I don't have much confidence in my skill and always worry I'll be too unprofessional for people, as I've had no formal training and a lot of what I do is play by ear.

But the model and the make-up artist she brought along were both really relaxed and we ended up having quite a bit of fun!

So here are some shots from the day!

Her make-up just fascinated me, I'm still a bit make-up stupid so it was really quite the arsenal of brushes to look at!

Gosh, I want to play with all the colours!

Lee the make-up artist, noticed some soccer teams assembling for a game, so she proposed the idea of acting as manager and going over to them to ask to pose in a shot with us! And look how well it came out!

More at my flickr! (Which definitely doesn't get updated as much as it should! ;x)

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