Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recovery Days

Hmm, I'm blogging about my day yesterday because I spent most of today rather spaced out and recovering from a bottle of gin. Mmmm.

But yes, had a really lovely lazy Saturday yesterday with my dad, a spot of badminton in the morning before heading down to High St, Fort Bonifacio, to visit Fully Booked, a 4 story bookstore! Heaaven!

Picked up a few goodies there before going off for lunch.

Food, next to fashion, is one of my biggest loves, ever. I love everything about food except having to cook it!

Dad and I went to this cute lil place called "The Stock Market", they kinda specialize in pineapples, but have a bunch of other yummy things too.

Pan fried catfish with sweet potato mash (loooooove sweet potato) capers and vegies.

Pineapple and frozen yoghurt with pistachio toppings for dessert, mmm, so good!

Following a good lunch, comes more shopping and I hit up the sales at Topshop, as I do. I'm so obsessed with the store. There's a dress from the Kate Moss collection I want, but the store that has the Kate Moss collection doesn't have it in my size. So I've been jumping at the chance to go to any Topshop to see if I can find it. Hehe.

Thought this was so interesting, but so unsure if I would wear it much. Haha, if I was in Melbourne more often I'd wear it with leggings and adorable booties or sexy black wedges.

Ended up picking up a dark grey cardi (cause I need a new one), high waisted black shorts and a high waisted grey skirt for work.

Went to our favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner.

I adore sushi. zomg.

After went out for drinks with friends, forgot to get a photo of my outfit, but here's a half shot.

American Apparel two tone dress, MNG red belt, Vinnci star necklace

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