Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doctor doctor give me the news!

Oh dear. I really am terrible aren't I?

So much for promising to update! It's been nearly a month!

I think I just get way to slack when I'm back in Melbourne, I'm there with friends...I lounge around the house...yeah. I just get way to freaking lazy.

I got back to Manila about 3 weeks ago. I actually find, since I go to work here, I really make an effort to dress up more here I think. It's a rare day when I wear jeans and shorts are really saved for days when I'm being lazy at the polo club, otherwise I'm just about always wearing my dresses and high waisted skirts. Oh and elastic garter belts. Which reminds me, I really need to replace my white MNG one which I ADORE to death. Haven't been able to find any other ones that I really like though...they always seem to be the claspy type rather than actual buckle, which is what I personally like.

I'm too worried a clasp might just accidently come undone after one too many ice-creams...

So I was in Malaysia last weekend, just for a weekend with my Dad who was there on some business. I was too I suppose, but I only had two meetings to show up to while Dad had a whole weekend.

So what did I do in my spare time?

Burned a whole in my wallet. ;__;

I spent so much money! But, so many lovely thigns to buy! In my defence, I did only buy (except for one thing) brands that I can't find in Melbourne or Manila (that easily anyway).

Along the way I also tried on lots of fun things, because I'm a tourist and I really don't care what people think! :]

I ADORED this little Marc Jacobs number. Urgh. SO CUTE. If I only had an extra 600 bucks. Which reminds me I absolutely love their bags with hearts all over them. Such a sucker.

Results of my first day of shopping. I was pretty happy. Note, Club Monaco have some of the SOFTEST tanks/tshirts ever. I put one on to try with something else and just fell in love.

Wearing my new Dr. Denim jeans and tshirt from some random brand. I can't remember. With my Decjuba vest.

I LOVE the Dr. Denim jeans. I'm a little more generous in the thighs due to being a lil more muscular (or so I like to tell myself) so often have trouble finding jeans that fit the crotch area well, due to not being able to pull them up all the way properly.

But the Dr. Denim. Urgh. Love. I tried on 6-7 pairs before deciding on these. Not that I need more jeans. But I'm a hoarder by nature!

So I'm going to try not to shop for a while. Maybe I'll just eat more sweets instead.

Look at the size of that macaroon! IN LOVE.

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  1. Beautiful dressing in the first photograph! I must buy a same one for my gorgeous wife :)

    Damn Dam — Khadakwasla