Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Blue Boxes..

How could I forget to post this!

I bought my first bit of Tiffany for myself yesterday!

Apparently ladies, according to the Lunar Calendar (the calendar the chinese go by) this month it is good luck for ladies to buy jewelery! So when mum tells me this, after having bought the beautiful 'Save the Children' 125th Anniversary ring from Bulgari, she tells me 'maybe you should get yourself a little something from Tiffany'.

Well, who's to say no when Mummy dear says something like that?

So I popped into Rustan's in Manila and had a look around. Unfortunately the joints here are quite small so the variety is not as big, but after trying on about 4 or 5 different rings and trying to figure out which they have in my size I managed to pick one!

Oh little blue boxes...

Ta daaah! Isn't it lovely?

I like big rings (because I have big fingers), but I also decided I wanted to just go for something very simple and subtle, I'm spending a decent amount on this, I want to be able to wear it as often as I can!

First day out with it at work!

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