Wednesday, November 25, 2009


With the shopping bug. SIIIIGHH!

Last Sunday I went on a marveeellous shopping spree, came home with the new Aldo shoes seen in prior posts, a skirt, a few dresses and some necklaces and then just today found a great bag for $20 and 2 more dresses!

I do plan to take pics of everything when I get a chance but I'm busy packing to go to Malaysia on Friday!

Which is quite the headache in itself, as I am unfortunately limited to 20kgs. And have lots of clothes here as the prior times I hvae gone back to Australia from the Philippines, I have not needed to bring back my summer clothes....this time however....I need my summer clothes in Australia and I'm spending a longer period of time there than I have this year so far.

So more clothes are needed!



Trying to edit my wardrobe is a miserable process.

So to make myself feel better I've been wandering around on Pixie Market and putting together a little dream wishlist should I stumble on $1000 right about now....

Rectangle Zipper Clutch - Deadly Ponies

Blue Bat Drapy Dress - Neurotica

Leather Blazer

Boot Wedge Zipper - Minimarket

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