Monday, November 23, 2009

Not seeing the rest of you is getting the best of me

Top - Club Monaco, Skirt - Plains & Prints, Shoes - Aldo, Bag - Longchamp, Necklace - picked up at Crossings in Shang Mall

AGAIN. I promise I'll get better pics of my outfits once I get back to Melbourne. I just hate taking pictures of myself at home cause my place is so small and right now I share it with my dad and Uncle so there's absolutely no privacy.

Did a MASSIVE shopping expedition yesterday, my sole intent was really just to get the Aldo shoes, which I tried on last week, fell in love with but decided to wait for a little while. Oh god. Kinda a bad idea as I was thinking about them ALL WEEK.

But made it so much more satisfying to actually buy them. I now never want to take them off my feet. Heck even my dad thought they were really interesting, and he's picky in what he approves/likes. So I spose that's a good sign.

God I am SO infatuated with them. <3

Skirt is also a new purchase from Plains & Prints, a Filipino brand that I've come to quite enjoy, the clothes are well made, designs are interesting, colourful and very very reasonable priced. And when I bought a few clothes from there they came in this little circular box, like a hat box, instead of just a shopping bag. SO CUTE!

I have also randomly discovered a renewed love of Maroon 5. And strawberry frozen yoghurt, which I've discovered is amazing with almond flakes. Mmmm.

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