Monday, April 13, 2009

Whilst in Tokyo, I took my mother down Ometesando, in the Harajuku area and we walked down to the end to see the gooorgeous Prada buildling. Such a pretty building, it's like this massive glass structure and is like 4 or 5 stories tall...forgot exactly how many. Hahaa. It looked awesome against the beautiful blue sky though.

So of course, since we made it all the way down...mum and I go in. :]

Prada bags have never really caught my eye, I find the trendy stuff a bit too trendy and I think the nylon in general just isn't as appealing to me. I like my leather. Aesthetically, I typically find the bags kind of boring I suppose.

But anyway. Mum and I make it to the top of the building, which is all men's. We end up looking at the bags and discussing how handsome man bags actually are.

And then we come across this.




From the Men's Spring '09 line.

Oh. It was beautiful. I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder and just fell in love with it. The leather is amazing and it's such a practical little bag.

But about 2000 dollars. So still thinking about it. Mum's heading for Europe in a if she can find it there I may have a 21st birthday present. Teehee! :D

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