Thursday, April 16, 2009

Them crazy harajuku kids <3

Well, so I'm already behind in putting up the amount of posts I had in my head when I set this up...but y'know. A girl gets busy swimming with whale sharks and things.

Fabulous trip really. :]


Just went through some of my pics from my Japan trip (oh I want to be back, someone pack me up and send me!) and of course, through the pics taken in Harajuku on the sunday that we happened to go.

I seriously love all the different styles you get and I honestly wish I could pull them all of sometimes, buuut, that'd be kinda different. And god you'd need a huge wardrobe!

Here's just a couple of my favourite shots <3

Check out the hair! <3 That blue is too awesoem :]

It's amazing, this girl was sitting by herself there, with another friend constantly fixing up the folds in her dress or her hair. There were easily about 20 people surrounding her taking photos with all sorts of cameras but she's just sitting there, talking to one or two people and acting like the rest of us weren't there at all! I honestly do wish i could really care less what people thought of me like that sometimes! Haha :]

Cute like a cupcake <3 I totally wanted to buy some lolita accesories home, but really had no idea what to get that I could easily...integrate into my daily wardrobe.

Just amazing. <3

She was SO my favourite there, she was so cute! <3

Oh if I could only have taken pictures of every single Japanese I found cute. I may dig up some more...wear-able japanese style photos in a day or two...once I get through the 1000 or so photos I have left to get through! @_@

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