Friday, April 24, 2009

Booties! <3

So I took this pics a few days ago, but totally forgot to post them up.

So pretty much, when I arrived in Manila at the end of late February, one of my shopping goals before I went back to Melbourne, was to find the perfect pair of ankle boots.

I could see them in my head, they would remind me of Kate Moss for some reason. But they would be ankle height (obviously), and a bit wider around the top (like you see on a lot of twiggy legged models), with a fairly nice chunky heel, leather (a must darling!) and well, ideally with a great big buckle or two strapped over it. And maybe some studs, just to sex it up a bit.

So I thought, since I was going to Japan in April, I could find them there, but alas, since they were moving into spring, all the leather boots had gone from their shelves! A lot of extremely cute wellingtons though....maybe I need to consider getting a pair.

And so, I returned from Japan, a little bit disappointed (but who could be completely, since one came home with some fabulous Vivienne Westwood pieces) and decided I'd probably wait until I got back to Melbourne to find some nice boots. Really, in Manila, a country where it's hot and humid ALL year around, how is one supposed to find a nice pair of boots?

Ah, but Manila has a lot of british brands that Melbourne doesn't.

So I sauntered into TopShop one day, since Mum had informed me they were having a 50% off mid year sale or something, tried on a couple of dresses, didn't buy anything and was about to walk out of the store when I remembered I forgot to look at the shoes!

Then I saw them. Boots.

Not exactly what I saw in my head, but I asked for my size anyway.

Slipped them on.

They were fabulous!

And 50% off!

How was a girl to turn them down!

And so now I have some very saucy ankle boots to wear back to Melbourne!

These pictures aren't the most fabulous, but I just took them quickly one night to show my friend. Hehee :]

Note the cute little detail at the back! :]

I can't wait to wear them back at home with some black tights and my American Apparel (which will from here ever on be referred to as AA) dresses!

Hmm. Need to work on these legs though. :x

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