Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few days in Malaysia...

Hat - Bonita, Shirt - Uniqlo, Shorts - Aeropostale, Sandals - Charles & Keith

t-shirt - Club Monaco, Dress - Mental, Sandals - Charles & Keith

Tshirt - Topshop, Jeans - Dr Denim, Sandals - Charles & Keith, Bag - Somewhere in North Edsa in Manila..

Sweater - Topshop, Skirt - Hollister, Bag - Somewhere in north Edsa, Necklace - From Greenhills

So I've been in Malaysia the past week or so and actually been pretty good with taking photos of my outfits and things, but I've just been posting them on my chictopia ( instead of here!

I kinda hate how conservative you have to be while in Malaysia, since it's a muslim country and all, it's not usually a good idea to draw too much attention to one's self or show too much skin. I usually let my legs show, but definetly keep the cleavage closed up.

But been shopping a fair bit, did a bunch more today since I took my grandma out on a little day date and bought her a few meals, so in return she helped me with some little purchases! <3

The sandals in the above photos are new from Charles & Keith, I've been needing a pair of sandals for summer back in Australia and these are just PERFECT. I'm going to need to back to a Charles & Keith branch that has them in the darker brown colour...the one in the mall right next to my hotel doesn't have them! I've been trying on other sandals but just nothing meets the comfort level and classy simplicty of these ones.

I am also in love with the new bag, I'm surprised how much I love it as a satchel. I haven't worn any of my bags like that for ages, but it just looks so cute! And hey, it was only like AUD20!

But yes, will certainly be sharing my new purchases quite soon I'm sure. :]

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