Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sartorialist

Well I would imagine every Melbourne/Sydney blogger in their right mind is and has probably blogged about this man, but you know what? He is so gorgeous I"m going to do it too!

I happily went down to GPO at about 6pm with my friend, I figured it was too late and that there would probably be a massiiive queue so I probably wouldn't get my book signed, which I had towed along in my bag, just in case. Aaand I was right.

There was a MASSIVE line.

So since I kinda had dinner plans I decided not to wait in line and just admire all the gorgeously dressed people!

And of course. See Scott Schuman. Wow, alliteration anybody?

My gay friend and I gasped.

He is gorgeous. Not at all in a sexual way, but in the most sensual, mature, eloquent way possible.

I am now in belief that all men need to be as well groomed and tailored, or should be. As god damn it looks good. We loved him with the glasses and without. We dubbed his picture pose after his namesake 'The Satorialist'.

But after a bit, we decided since we were in GPO, to poke our noses into the shops.

I had not been into the Acne store yet.

I left with a very big bag.

And a MASSIVE hole in my bank account.

Dress - Forever 21, Shoes - Charles & Keith, Hat - Bonita, Handbag - mall in Manila

What did I get?

I'll show you in the next blog.

But in the meantime, after all the excitement of the Sartorialist, my friend and I went off to Match Bar, one of my favourite bars in Melbourne for dinner and drinks, and to try and pull off 'The Sartorialist' pose.

Oh and some random lady complimented me on my hat! And got awfully jealous when I told her I got it overseas. I tend to do that a lot. It feels good. Teehee.

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