Saturday, September 26, 2009


Oh god what's happened to me? I've gotten SO terribly lazy with even checking on the blogs I've followed!

Gonna try to keep it up again. :]

But what inspired me to update my blog again, is my new boots I got from Zara today. I loved how they went with what I happened to be wearing today so I decided to go out for dinner in the ensemble......even though I am in the Philippines. Y'know a tropical country. BUT! To justify, it has been typhooning today, so I need to keep my feet lovely and dry.

I did just get a lovely pedicure a few days ago after all.

Top - Veramoda in China, Shorts - Aeropostale, Bag - L Credi (from Dusseldorf last year), Watch - Jagura (from my recent trip to Tokyo!), Boots - Zara

Been very busy the past month, been to Malaysia, Beijing and Tokyo the past 3 weeks. Soo, although I'm trying to save for America next year, I've been spending money like crazy.

And today mum took me to this shop she found in the mall that carried a few items from the Thakoon and Alexander McQueen for target ranges! SO EXCITED. I have a few dresses which I CAN'T WAIT to wear. May take pictures of them later. Cause y'know, it's fun to share fashion finds isn't it?

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