Thursday, September 17, 2009

Change Room Dilemmas

While I was in Beijing, I went shopping.

As most girls do when they visit a city they may (or may not have) been to before.

So I went into a clothing store, Vero Moda. I had recognized it from my stay in Germany last year, as the store was everywhere, but I wasn't fond of the clothes there. They just didn't interest me. However I figured that the same brand can differ from country to country slightly, so I ventured forth and entered anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and variation this store in Beijing had. Although I am personally not so fond of 'Chinese' or 'Asian' styled fashions typically, I found a lot of the clothes quite unique and charming.

So I wandered through this store and got a sales assistant girl attached to me.

I hate shops like this. Especially in a country I don't know the language at all.

Until I actually apporached an item to show my interest, this little sharp eyed assistant followed me, somewhat discreetly and of course was swift when the chance came up to tell me that top came in other colours.

So I decided to eventually make some use out of her and picked a few things to try, trusting her to pick the sizes for me as I had not a clue as to what 80A was. What a nasty number. Being a size 12 totally sounds better than...80. Haha.

So let's jump forward to me trying on the clothes and the point of this little story.

There were a few of these tops that had caught my eye, soft of asymmetrical, off the shoulder in a light weight knit, with some rather interesting textures knitted in. And it had a lovely gradient colour on it to top.

So what's a pet peeve of mine with change rooms?

No mirrors in the change room.

For better or worse, I have to step out and reveal myself to the sales assistants, customers and...whoever else would be hanging around the change room I suppose.

Well I had no idea how the top was supposed to be positioned on my body once I had it on, so I pulled the curtain aside to have a look in the communal mirror and behold, someone else was trying on the same top.

I don't have an issue with this.


She was lean, long, cute and with a far more petite frame than I.

She carried the top off much better than I, looking chic and adorable.

I look back in the mirror at frumpy, sack looking me.

It's a little bit


To be frank.

Even after my little attendant adjusted the positioned, fussed over the folds, there was just going to be no selling of that top me.

What can I say really? Maybe thats why 'asian' style has never particularly been my thing. The physique needed for it, is not mine. Heck i struggle finding a style in general most of the time these days. I don't know what to do with all this jelly.

But ah well.

I still left the store with 3 pieces.

So I suppose all was not lost.

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