Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I got back to Melbourne on Thursday night and promptly spent the whole weekend away from home.

But I had a fabulous time, other than getting a bit sick and COMPLETELY losing my voice. Terrifying when you can't speak at all.

Spent Friday night in a very swank little hotel room with some of my besties and then spent Saturday and Sunday nerding it up at a video game tournament. What? Fashion and videogames? Blasphemy!

But y'know, there are always exception to the rules.

I only have shots of what I was wearing on Friday cause I was just so busy on Saturday and Sunday being photographer for my friend. :]

Blazer from secondhand store in Tokyo, male Ralph lauren shirt tailored down to fit me better, shorts from Hollister, boots from Zara, tights from Japan, belt from Philippines, Necklace from Bettina Liano

And as my friends and I do, we decided to have a photoshoot, loved some of the photos my friend came up with. <3

I stole clothes from 3 of the guys for the above two photos. I love men's clothing.

Love my new hat from Muji.


  1. Great boots. I love the exposed zipper. Im definitely following your blog.

  2. nice photographs. i love your outfit!