Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling girly - bit of Karen Miller

So I popped into the Karen Miller store today in Paragon mall, while in Singapore and this dress caught my eye in the window.

Silly me got the wrong size to try on, but the dress is still so gorgeous, it's girly yet proper and I adore the colours!

I loved a lot of other stuff they had in the store at the moment too, it's all very romantic and girly, as much as I want to like flower prints I sometimes find it hard to, but I was absolutely falling in love with everything in the store today...

That dress is so much cuter in person, it's got a fair bit of lining underneath the skirt, so it gives it a bit off 'poof'.

Hmmm...might go wait half a year for it to all hopefully go on sale in Melbourne...


  1. Very pretty dresses. Hopefully they do go on sale in melbs, cause I will totally want to buy one!


  2. Really loved nr 2:)
    Can you send me one...? Just kidding, have a wonderful day - SP