Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back home! <3

Aaaah, God did I say how much I love Melbourne?

Went to Chadstone with one of my best guy friends today and had a lovely brunch style lunch, haha!

How cute is it?

With my green tea, syphered coffee (or something) and blue nails!

Had delicious baked eggs. Mmmmmm.

And of course, there's gotta be room for dessert!

Top - Zayt, Shorts - American Apparel, Scarf - Banana Republic, Jacket - White Suede, Necklace - Bettina liano, Bag - Yves Saint laurent, Shoes - Schu

I am absolutely loving my new shoes. <3


  1. lol now im hungry from those pics! love the outfit xoxoxo

  2. aww it is very cute. i like the outfit and your blue nails!